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What do people do in the Metaverse?

Examples of what you can do when in the Metaverse – shopping, playing, socializing and more!

Updated: January 16, 2023

The Metaverse is an exciting new technology that lets people extend their presence to the virtual realm. It’s a revolutionary concept that had individuals and corporations on their feet, ready to take advantage of its various opportunities.

If you’re new to the Metaverse, you probably wonder what people can do in the space. There are many exciting activities that you can do there. These are all possible due to companies like Decentraland, My Land, Facebook Meta, and many others. You can also check out our About the Metaverse page to learn more about this exciting new technology.

Invest in Real Estate

Real estate investment is the hottest money-making activity in the Metaverse, which doles out plots called “parcels.” Like actual real estate, investors earn money from capital gains that, in turn, they make from development.

According to Forbes, early purchasers who bought parcels in 2021 have already earned more than ten times their investment as of March this year. These investors include celebrities like Snoop Dogg and financial institutions like JP Morgan.

While these investments are more speculative, many brands are taking it a step forward by purchasing plots of land to expand their retail operations into the Metaverse. These include Samsung, which recently unveiled an expansive Metaverse property where customers can buy non-fungible tokens or NFT.

Collaborate with Co-workers

Before the Internet, collaboration between team members was only possible using face-to-face meetings. That was the sole and most effective method of bringing people together to discuss problems, projects, and ideas.

The development of technologies like Google Meet, Zoom, and similar software gave organizations great alternative collaboration tools. Thanks to these services, team members can now get together even when some are working from home. Their value was further demonstrated at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when people had to stay at work at home.

However, one drawback to these meeting apps is the need to open a webcam to participate in a meeting. Some people are uncomfortable with that but still do so out of necessity. With the Metaverse, all they need to do to attend conferences is to connect to the server and present their avatar. They can sit back and participate in the huddle as they would in a video call or physical gathering.

Engage in Education

Teachers worldwide face many challenges in imparting knowledge to their learners and keeping them interested. Some topics, like geography, are difficult to teach when the educator is limited to the classroom’s confines.

With the Metaverse, however, they can use technologies like augmented and virtual realities to spice up their lessons. For instance, teachers can organize virtual field trips that take their learners to places they couldn’t physically visit in reality. Studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of this approach in retaining student interest and boosting their knowledge.

Create and Earn From Art

The Metaverse takes the non-fungible token as a store of value to a higher level. For those unaware of what an NFT is, it is a unique token that exists in limited numbers or, in some cases, is just one example.

NFTs have become popular lately as a source of potential income. What creators do is pay for certificates of originality and ownership after creating the token. This ensures that the token is one of a kind and can generate interest and profit.

If anybody wants to purchase the NFT, they need to agree to the creator’s asking price, which is higher than what was paid for the certificates. The transaction transfers the ownership and originality certificates to the new owner. Aside from creating NFTs and selling them on the Internet, the virtual realm lets you create an entire gallery of your tokens or artwork and sell them to viewers.

Another way that you can earn from this setup is to put together other people’s artwork on display and charge visitors for viewing. This service is available on websites like Voxels, Decentraland, OnCyber, and Spatial NFT.

Stay Fit and Healthy

Maintaining an active lifestyle is not exactly what comes to mind when one imagines a virtual world. Instead, people see somebody sitting at a desk all the time piloting an avatar or a digital being that the person creates to represent themselves on the VW.

While that is partly true for games like Roblox, the Metaverse can aid people’s fitness goals, not hamper them. While there is no functioning example to point to yet, the theory is that people can significantly spice up their workout routines with virtual reality.

For instance, if a person has gotten bored jogging around the same park every day, they can put on a VR headset and head over to virtual parks on the Metaverse for a new experience. There’ll be hundreds of virtual parks to explore, and all that can be done in the comfort of one’s home.

Shop For Your Needs

E-commerce is one of the activities on the Internet that the Metaverse can potentially expand. Even now, brands like Walmart and Samsung are already establishing a presence in the virtual space. Decentraland, one of the many real estate providers in the Metaverse, has even set aside a property cluster dedicated to fashion retail companies!

Building upon the in-world purchasing systems of Roblox and Fortnite, among other games, the Metaverse will allow you to interface with virtual shops using your avatar. Unlike these games, however, you can interact with an existing brand and make real-world purchases using your digital self in the Metaverse.

In other words, the Metaverse will bring a three-dimensional aspect to online shopping. All you need to do on the digital space is to select the item you want, try it out and close the transaction. Somebody in the real world will acknowledge the order, pack it, and deliver it to your home.

The Possibilities Are Endless

These are but three of the many activities you can partake in on the Metaverse. There’s practically no limit to the actions that you can take while in the virtual space. Anything that you can do in real life, you can also do in the Metaverse. Your only constraint is your imagination.

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