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What Kind of Jobs Will the Metaverse Create?

Get a glimpse into the future of work in the metaverse. From virtual event planners to avatars design, learn about the exciting career opportunities that await in the online world.

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Updated: January 16, 2023
Virtual assistant

The Metaverse is designed to be disruptive. It will change many of the things that we are used to. While proponents like Meta and Microsoft claim that it will mimic the real world, in many ways, the digital realm will significantly differ from its physical counterpart.

What it means is that, outwardly, they would look the same. However, behind the scenes, the gears of the Metaverse grind differently from how nature rocks in the real world. This means that there’ll be a need for some specialized skills to manage the complex undertaking that is called the Metaverse.

Careers That Will Be Available Because of the Metaverse

This section will try to discuss a few of the new jobs that could be created once there is a scalable and interoperable Metaverse in existence. They’ll be in charge, as a whole, of making sure that the virtual world will function as smoothly and as safely as possible. 

Of course, there’s also the need to make sure that the Metaverse functions, feels and looks like the same thing. If it doesn’t, the negative user experiences in the Metaverse will adversely affect its longevity as a helpful technology.

avatars in the Metaverse

Avatar Clothing Designers

Anyone who has played Roblox or Second Life will know that freedom of expression will be central to the user experience in this ambitious new world. As part of the onboarding process, people will need to design an avatar – their digital representation in the Metaverse. 

Because there are billions of people in the world, there needs to be a fashion line that caters to each and every fashion sense within that demographic. This is where the avatar clothing designers come in. Like their real-world counterparts, these artists will be responsible for creating the clothes users will want to dress their avatars in.

Metaverse software engineer

Software Engineers

Like the Internet before it, the Metaverse will be built on top of the existing computer science and technologies invented decades ago. These technologies will always require the brains and capabilities of software engineers and programmers. The needs are just a little different regarding programming for the Metaverse.

Metaverse software developers will be in charge of creating and maintaining the source code behind the big virtual world. In the future, when all mini-Metaverses are joined together into one scalable realm, software engineers from each content provider will interface with one another to ensure the code is interoperable and non-exclusive.

safety officer in the Metaverse

Safety Officers

The Metaverse will be dealing with millions of sensitive and personal data from each of the users that decide to join in the fun. Unfortunately, it means that millions of people will also be exposed to the threat of identity theft AND harassment through the virtual reality lens they wear. 

This means there must be a team of people watching behind the scenes to keep everyone safe. Metaverse safety officers will be responsible for security concerns that exceed that of the real world. They’d be in charge of data safety management, threat mitigation and policing the digital world’s expanse to moderate behaviour.

hardware engineers for the Metaverse

Hardware Engineers

Like Cloud computing, in which the Metaverse will be built in terms of storage and data management, the Metaverse’s backbone will also be made up of hardware that contains the “Matrix” code as well as all the information that passes through the realm. 

Developers envision the Metaverse as a continually growing landscape, able to accommodate the consistently growing number of its digital residents. Hardware engineers will be responsible for building the servers, hard drives and other essential gear that must be able to keep up with the demand of a rapidly increasing user base. 

virtual shop in the Metaverse

Virtual Shop Attendants

Aside from gaming, another aspect of the Metaverse that people look forward to is e-commerce. The Metaverse will significantly change how people conduct online shopping. People will no longer be confined by e-commerce websites and apps that suffer from a severe lack of intimacy and interaction.

Instead, the Metaverse will allow businesses to maintain shops within the realm and operate them like actual brick-and-mortar stores. People, through their avatars, will come in and interact with the business’ sales associates, also through their avatars. As a result, virtual shop attendants will become highly in demand in this new setup.

Data Bounty Hunters

A bounty is a reward given to somebody who successfully assists law enforcers in apprehending a wanted criminal. One can do so by making citizen arrests or providing authorities with information critical to that fugitive’s capture. 

The concept of data bounty hunters is not unique to the Metaverse. Companies in the tech sector employ these experts to spot possible vulnerabilities in their digital assets. Anybody who can successfully hack into a company will receive compensation for exposing a weakness in their security systems.

With the amount of data expected to traverse through the Metaverse, these bounty hunters are even more crucial. This is primarily because black hat hackers could physically injure a Metaverse user by hacking into their virtual reality headsets.

Your Metaverse Career is almost here

The Metaverse is still slowly assuming its shape, although it would take a few more years before the technology, as envisioned in the novels Snow Crash and Ready Player One, takes form. However, it is already apparent by now what kind of work and jobs people can expect to find in the digital realm once it becomes fully operational.

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