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StepN is a revolutionary smartphone app that has been created by app developer FindSatoshi Lab, and built on Solana. The app is designed to motivate users to stay active by offering a unique way to earn money. By simply walking, jogging, or running for a specific time period that refreshes every 24 hours, users can earn money through the Stepn app.

This innovative concept is made possible by using blockchain technology and smart contracts. The Stepn app uses the Solana blockchain to track the number of steps users take securely, and smart contracts are used to reward users automatically for their activity. This creates a completely decentralized and transparent system free from intermediaries, ensuring users receive their rewards directly and quickly.

One of the key advantages of Stepn is its ease of use. The app is user-friendly and easily integrated into daily routines, allowing users to earn money simply by staying active. Moreover, the rewards earned through the Stepn app can be used for various purposes, such as purchasing goods and services, donating to charity, or even investing in other cryptocurrencies.


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