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SOUNDRAW is a leading company specializing in AI-generated royalty-free music designed specifically for video creators. With its innovative platform, SOUNDRAW offers a seamless and efficient solution for users to access high-quality music tailored to their needs. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, users can effortlessly select their desired mood, genre, and length and let the AI generate the perfect musical composition for their videos. This user-friendly interface allows video creators to enhance their content’s emotional impact and storytelling with captivating soundtracks.

SOUNDRAW’s extensive library of AI-generated music ensures diverse options to match various video styles and themes. By providing royalty-free music, SOUNDRAW eliminates the complexities and legal constraints associated with licensing, empowering creators to focus on their artistic vision and create unique video content. With SOUNDRAW, video creators can effortlessly elevate their videos’ audio experience, capturing their audience’s attention and emotions.


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