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Simplified is a dynamic company that offers a comprehensive and AI-powered app designed to assist businesses in various creative tasks. With a focus on Graphic Design, Video Editing, Copywriting, and Social Media Management, Simplified provides an all-in-one solution to streamline these essential aspects of modern marketing and content creation. Through the power of artificial intelligence, the app enables users to efficiently create stunning graphics, edit videos with ease, generate compelling copy, and manage their social media presence effectively.

By leveraging Simplified’s intuitive interface and intelligent algorithms, businesses can save time, resources, and effort, while still producing high-quality and engaging content. Whether it’s designing eye-catching visuals, crafting persuasive copy, or managing social media campaigns, Simplified empowers businesses to enhance their creative capabilities and optimize their marketing strategies. With Simplified, businesses can achieve their goals faster, maintain a consistent brand image, and effectively engage their target audience across various digital platforms.


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