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Scribie is an advanced audio/video transcription service available online. With a large pool of over 50,000 certified transcribers, Scribie ensures consistent accuracy in delivering high-quality transcripts. Their services start at a competitive rate of $1.25 per minute of audio. As an organization, Scribie operates independently and has achieved profitability while maintaining their commitment to providing reliable transcription services. They offer career opportunities for individuals interested in transcription, enabling them to join the Scribie team and contribute to their transcription projects.

For freelance transcriptionists, Scribie provides an opportunity to get started and earn income through their platform. Interested individuals can sign up for a Scribie transcriber account, gain access to file management tools, and conveniently handle transcription orders. Scribie also offers a user-friendly online portal where customers can sign in to their accounts, track their transcript orders, upload and submit additional files, and manage their transcription projects efficiently.


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