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Mirai Translate is an AI translation service that offers machine translation solutions. It is a preferred choice for large corporations seeking automated translation capabilities. Mirai Translate supports multiple languages and various file formats, providing a convenient solution for translating a wide range of content. The technology boasts impressive translation accuracy, equivalent to that of a businessperson with a TOEIC score 960, ensuring high-quality results. Additionally, Mirai Translate prioritizes security, offering a secure environment for sensitive translation tasks.

The user dictionary capability allows for efficient group translation of files and texts, further enhancing collaboration and productivity. One of the main features of Mirai Translate is its ability to handle multilingual projects efficiently. Organizations working on projects involving multiple languages can leverage this AI-powered automated translation solution to streamline their corporate document translation process. By automating translation tasks and ensuring accuracy, Mirai Translate saves organizations time and resources while maintaining high translation standards.


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