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Casetext is an innovative legal AI company that has been at the forefront of technology development for over 10 years. One of their notable achievements is the creation of CoCounsel, which is the first AI legal assistant in the industry. Casetext’s platform offers various features and tools to assist legal professionals in their research and practice. Users can access an extensive database of statutes, regulations, and practice guides, making it easy to find relevant legal information. The platform also allows users to search within documents, enabling efficient and targeted research.

CoCounsel, the AI legal assistant developed by Casetext, provides valuable support to legal professionals. It can assist in cite-checking briefs, helping to ensure the accuracy and reliability of legal arguments. CoCounsel also offers account and settings management, allowing users to customize their experience and tailor the platform to their specific needs. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and a commitment to providing reliable legal resources, Casetext has established itself as an award-winning company in the legal AI space. Their team of experts continuously works to enhance the platform and deliver innovative solutions to the legal community.


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