Balenciaga, the luxury fashion brand, has teamed up with the popular video game Fortnite to create a new virtual and physical shopping experience. The collaboration includes virtual Balenciaga outfits and accessories for players to use in the game.

It also has a Balenciaga store within Fortnite where players can purchase the items and even do a custom Balenciaga dance.

In the real world, players can also find billboards featuring the popular Fortnite character Doggo wearing Balenciaga clothing in Times Square and travel to the physical Balenciaga store to shop for the collection.

The Campaign— Balenciaga x Fortnite: A Metaverse Collaboration

The collaboration is a joint effort between the luxury fashion brand Balenciaga and Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite. The partnership aims to bring Balenciaga to a new audience of engaged players and introduce Fortnite to the high-fashion industry.

Additionally, the campaign seeks to build a new shared language of creativity, pushing fashion into new dimensions by exploring the metaverse more democratically.

The fashion house produces high-fashion fabric skins in the Fortnite game, where each piece is seamless and detailed, like how a luxury brand should be.

The fabric detail, texture, and graphics are made to fit the Fortnite characters. All Fortnite characters are unique, but Doggo stands out most among the characters.

Doggo wears Balenciaga hoodies, Justin’s oversized pants, and sneakers. Also, in the game, players can visit the virtual Balenciaga stores in the Fortnite hub, and players can also build their games.

Players can choose from three bundles of Balenciaga skins, such as Balenciaga Knights, Balenciaga Unleashed, and Balenciaga accessories and gears. Players who purchase a Balenciaga outfit or accessories from actual stores can also unlock the same piece in Fortnite.

At the same time, some items can be unlocked, such as Balenciaga’s Triple S Sneakers, and collected in the Strange Times hub. Players can also hang out with their fashionable gamer-minded friends and change their appearance with Changing Booths and Balenciaga Outfits in the hub.

The collaboration is quite notable for Balenciaga to share brand awareness with all Metaverse players. The partnership also differs from other campaigns as it creates a fully realized virtual world within Fortnite. It offers a new and democratic way for the brand to reach its audience.

How Did The Campaign Perform?

The collaboration has been well-received by both the gaming and fashion communities. The virtual Balenciaga outfits and accessories have been famous among Fortnite players, and the physical collection has been selling well in the Balenciaga store.

The campaign also received attention from the media, with many praising the innovative approach to fashion and gaming.

The impressive campaign made Balenciaga’s search volume increase by 49%. Their news and youtube channel made an overwhelming number of viewers, up to 600k, with exclusive features and covers in magazines after the series creation of virtual fashion looks for Fortnite.

Balenciaga has previously used the Unreal Engine to create the video game Afterworld: the age of tomorrow. The collaboration with Fortnite is the first time the luxury brand has entered the gaming world in such an expansive way.

It is also the first time Fortnite has welcomed a high-fashion brand into its world.

What Could Balenciaga Learn From Other Brands in the Metaverse?

From other brand campaigns in the Metaverse, Balenciaga could learn the importance of utilizing a popular and well-established platform to reach a broad audience.

Fortnite, with its millions of dedicated players and growing popularity as a metaverse, provides a valuable opportunity for Balenciaga to expand its reach and introduce the brand to a new audience. 

Additionally, Balenciaga could learn from other campaigns teaming up with gaming, such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and Ralph Lauren on esports, the importance of creating a fully realized virtual world within the platform.

Offering a new and democratic way for the brand to reach its audience will help it build a strong connection with the audience and achieve its marketing goals.