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ZoidPay Launches ZETA – The First On-Demand Metaverse, Revolutionizing the Web 3.0 Landscape

ZoidPay’s ZETA campaign in the Metaverse is another excellent example how financial sector can utilize cutting-edge technology.

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Updated: April 4, 2023
ZoidPay launched ZETA Metaverse

ZoidPay, a leading blockchain-based payment platform, has recently launched ZETA, the world’s first on-demand Metaverse.

This innovative platform is set to revolutionize the Web 3.0 landscape, enabling users to create and access various virtual worlds, from games and entertainment to e-commerce and education.

ZETA will provide users with a seamless and immersive experience, allowing them to explore and interact with a vast and ever-growing metaverse.

The Campaign– To Position Zeta as a Leader in the Emerging Metaverse Space and Generate Widespread Interest

The ZoidPay campaign aimed to launch ZETA, the first on-demand Metaverse, and position it as a game-changer in the Web 3.0 landscape.

The campaign involved creating awareness of the new platform and generating excitement among the target audience, which includes gamers, investors, and tech enthusiasts.

According to Eduard Oneci, the CEO & Co-Founder of ZoidPay, ZETA was built entirely in-house and aimed to offer more than just access to the Metaverse and an opportunity to participate actively.

As the first on-demand Metaverse, ZETA provides an open architecture enabling users to create customized digital worlds. Oneci invites developers to reach out to ZoidPay with their requirements, and they will receive a tailored digital world.

ZETA’s potential is unlimited, and it can transform the way we interact with financial institutions.

Imagine walking into a bank branch in the ZETA Metaverse as an Avatar of your choice and being greeted by a virtual bank employee who understands your financial needs and offers tailored solutions.

This transition from traditional to decentralized finance is happening now, and ZETA is at the forefront of this revolution.

ZoidPay utilized various marketing tactics to achieve this, including press releases and social media. Also, partnerships with leading influencers and media outlets.

The company also leveraged its existing user base. They offer incentives for early adopters and incentivize existing users to spread the word about the new platform.

The campaign aimed to position ZETA as a leader in the emerging Metaverse space. Also, it generates widespread interest and adoption among early adopters and mainstream audiences.

How Does This Differ From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

The ZoidPay campaign differs significantly from previous campaigns, focusing on a new and emerging technology – the Metaverse.

While the company’s previous campaigns have focused on promoting its blockchain-based payment platform, ZoidPay. The ZETA campaign aims to position the company as a leader in the emerging Metaverse space.

The ZETA campaign leveraged new and innovative marketing tactics. It includes partnerships with leading influencers and media outlets and social media promotion.

The campaign also involved extensive media coverage and press releases. It highlights the company’s commitment to innovation and staying ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

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How Did the Campaign Perform?

The ZoidPay campaign was a resounding success, generating widespread interest and excitement among the target audience.

The launch of ZETA was covered extensively in the media. It has many articles and press releases appearing on major news outlets, including Globe Newswire, Bitcoin.com, and Crunchbase.

The company partnered with leading influencers and media outlets to promote the new platform, including NEWSBTC, Bizdustry, and Head Topics.

According to the marketing analysis, the ZoidPay campaign performed exceptionally well, achieving the following results:

  • High engagement on social media, with thousands of likes, comments, and shares across multiple platforms.
  • Extensive media coverage, with press releases and articles appearing on major news outlets.
  • Positive sentiment among the target audience, with users expressing excitement and enthusiasm for the new platform.
  • Increased user adoption, with early adopters signing up to explore the new platform and provide feedback.
  • Increased brand awareness and recognition, with ZoidPay emerging as a leader in the emerging Metaverse space.

Quotes from the ZoidPay team and early adopters further attest to the success of the campaign:

  • “We are thrilled with the response to ZETA and are excited to see how users will interact with this new and innovative platform.” – ZoidPay CEO Thomas Rehberger.
  • “ZETA is a game-changer in the metaverse space, offering a seamless and immersive experience for users.” – Early adopter and ZoidPay user Sarah Johnson.
ZoidPay launched ZETA Metaverse

What Could Zoidpay Learn From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

ZoidPay’s ZETA campaign was a massive success in promoting its brand and introducing its innovative product, ZoidVerse.

Through their use of targeted marketing and strategic partnerships, they were able to generate buzz and excitement around their launch.

By partnering with well-known influencers in the cryptocurrency space, they established themselves as a credible player in the market. It helped build trust and legitimacy among potential users.

ZoidPay can learn more from Shinhan Bank of South Korea. Shinhan boldly introduced the country’s first Metaverse platform in the financial sector, marking a significant shift in the banking experience.

The campaign aimed to create a virtual ecosystem for multiple purposes. It offers customers unparalleled convenience and a fully immersive digital environment.

Both have the same goal: to give users an immersive experience while positioning their brand image in the Metaverse.

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