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Will: The Metaverse’s First Homeless Person

Entourage campaign to help the homeless shows how Metaverse can reach more people to help.

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Updated: March 26, 2023
Will the first homeless person in the Metaverse

The Metaverse has been making waves in entertainment and marketing, offering exciting possibilities for brands to engage with their audiences.

However, this digital realm is still an extension of the real world, and French non-profit, Entourage, aimed to highlight this fact through their groundbreaking campaign. 

Entourage introduced ‘Will,’ the first homeless person in the Metaverse, to bring attention to the issue of homelessness and the need for solidarity.

The Campaign–to Raise Awareness About the Real-World Issue of Homelessness and Encourage People to Take Action to Help

The campaign collaborates with Entourage and TBWA\Paris, a global advertising agency. They created a virtual character named Will and introduced him as the first homeless person in the Metaverse. 

The campaign’s purpose is to raise awareness about the real-world issue of homelessness and encourage people to help those in need.

The team built the concept on the idea that homelessness can happen to anyone, even in a virtual world. 

The virtual character, Will, was designed to look and sound like a real homeless person, and he was given a backstory highlighting the struggles and challenges of being homeless.

The campaign’s primary goal was to create empathy among Metaverse users. Also to encourage them to take action by donating to Entourage or volunteering at their local homeless shelters.

Entourage, a network of 150,000 citizens, sought to sound the alarm on the “unprecedented crisis of fraternity in France” with their campaign.

As part of France’s emergency accommodation plans for precarious people, which occurs annually on March 31st, Entourage introduced ‘Will’ as the spokesperson for the people in unsafe situations.

The campaign states we can only retreat partially into the Metaverse to avoid real-world issues.

As people continue to purchase virtual properties and items worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, the reality of homelessness persists.

‘Entourage created Will’ to highlight this issue and remind us to address the problem. Also, extend a helping hand to those in need.

How Does This Differ From Other Campaigns the Company Has Done?

Entourage has done several marketing campaigns, but this campaign stands out for its creativity, innovation, and social impact.

The campaign was a departure from the organization’s previous campaigns. Which is focusing primarily on raising awareness about homelessness in the real world.

The campaign’s use of the Metaverse as a marketing platform was a bold move that paid off. Which generates significant media coverage and social impact.

Check out Entourage introducing Wil in the Metaverse

How Did the Campaign Perform?

The campaign successfully raised awareness about homelessness in the real world and encouraged people to take action.

The campaign receive good media coverage and was featured in top marketing publications, including Ad Age, The Drum, and Trend Hunter.

Using the following marketing analysis, here are the highlights of the campaign:

  • Target audience: The campaign targeted Metaverse users, a young and tech-savvy audience.
  • Message: The campaign’s message was clear and powerful – homelessness can happen to anyone, even in a virtual world.
  • Engagement: The campaign generated high engagement rates on social media, with users sharing and commenting on the campaign’s content.
  • Reach: The campaign reached a broad audience, with media coverage in top marketing publications and social media platforms.
  • ROI: ROI was not the primary goal of the campaign. However, the campaign generated significant donations for Entourage and raised awareness about the organization’s work.

The campaign was praised for its creativity, innovation, and social impact. One media outlet noted,

“The campaign is a masterclass in using the metaverse as a marketing platform and raising awareness about important social issues.”

What Could Entourage Learn From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

The “Will: The Metaverse’s First Homeless Person” campaign was a successful marketing campaign. It raise awareness about homelessness in the real world and encouraged people to take action to help those in need. 

The campaign’s success can be accredited to its clear and powerful message. Also, creative use of the Metaverse as a marketing platform, and innovative marketing strategies.

Entourage’s campaign inspires other organizations looking to use the Metaverse as a marketing platform and make a social impact.

Entourage can also learn more from other Metaverse campaigns, such as PEDIGREE. The pet food brand has the same concept but focuses on dogs.

The campaign aims to raise awareness about providing shelter for homeless dogs by finding foster parents in the Metaverse.

Both campaigns show bringing humanity to the Metaverse is always possible.

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