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Victoria’s Secret Promotes Inclusivity Through Roblox

Victoria’s Secret recognized the potential of the upcoming Metaverse to its marketing and dove headlong into the throng.

Updated: January 9, 2023
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2022 alone has seen the most number of brands jumping into the Metaverse to market themselves or provide their customers with a brand new experience. As one of the largest fashion retail brands, Victoria’s Secret is not an exception. The famous brand recognized the potential of the upcoming Metaverse to its marketing initiatives and dove headlong into the throng.

Happy Nation’s hub in Roblox

The Campaign – Road to a Happy Nation

The campaign was jointly developed by Happy Nation, Victoria’s Secret’s tween-oriented digital retail brand, and SuperAwesome. Happy Nation focuses on providing underwear, body care and apparel for children aged up to 13 years old. On the other hand, SuperAwesome’s mission is to create technology that is safe for children to use.

VS & Co. launched Happy Nation in April 2022 as part of its efforts to promote inclusivity for younger customers. The Roblox activation came two months later, in June 2022. The experience focuses on three themes – sustainability, generosity, and collaboration, expressed in three obstacle courses called “Obbys”:

  • Friendly to the planet

In this obstacle course, players must help virtual bees pollinate all the flowers in the space. When these flowers bloom, they can act as trampolines on which players can jump to access the next levels. There is also a Maze that they have to successfully negotiate with the help of a butterfly guide.

  • Connected to Our Community

This obstacle course compels players to group themselves into three and cooperate with one another to overcome the challenges. Most games in Roblox are competitive in nature, but this one moves in a different direction. 

  • Empowered to Give

When they enter this course, players will have to work hard to collect as many presents as they can. These gifts are scattered all throughout the course. There’s good reason to do so – a non-playable character waits at the end of the puzzle to receive your trinkets.

If a player successfully navigates all three courses, their victory comes in the form of underwear donated to children living in poverty or in crisis areas. These items are given to the non-profit organization Undies for Everyone. Players who contributed to this donation drive are immortalized in the Wall of Happy.

HappyNation and SuperAwesome also paired up a second time in October 2022 to launch the campaign Color It You. This game also appeared in Roblox in its Livetopia segment.

A video from Noob Family on the Happy Nation initiative in Roblox

How Did the Campaign Perform?

The Happy Nation donation drive has seen a positive reception from its target audience. According to statistics, the drive has garnered 14,000 pairs of underwear by October 2022. Happy Nation initially aimed for only 10,500 pairs at the end of the initial run on July 31, 2022 but user response broke those limits by 3,500!

What Could Victoria’s Secret Learn From Other Brands in the Metaverse?

Like Invisalign, the Happy Nation campaign aimed to foster awareness of the brand’s products, which are all available digitally. To drive engagement, they also added the spirit of altruism into the activation by partnering with Undies for Everyone. 

However, as a fashion retail brand, Victoria’s Secret could learn significantly from the Gucci campaign. The activation turns the concept of avatars around by stripping all forms of customization from these the moment the users enter Gucci’s space. Instead, they can personalize their appearance within the space by visiting segments of the garden in a certain order.

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