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Stella Artois Races into the Metaverse with Horse Racing NFTs

Stella Artois NFT horse racing campaign shows how brands can reach younger audience by leveraging NFTs and Metaverse.

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Updated: February 25, 2023
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Stella Artois, a Belgian beer brand, has galloped into the Metaverse by launching a creative marketing campaign using horse racing NFTs.

Stella Artois teamed up with ZED RUN, a digital horse racing platform, and launched the world-first NFT (non-fungible token) horse auction, 

The brand is known for its innovative marketing campaigns, but this time, it set the bar high with the horse racing NFTs.

The company entered the Metaverse, where people can interact with each other and experience things that are hard to do in real life.

The Campaign– To Attract a Younger Demographic Audience Interested in Horse Racing, Esports, and Metaverse

The campaign is a joint effort between Stella Artois and ZED.RUN, a virtual horse racing platform, launched a unique marketing campaign that combined horse racing and NFTs.

The campaign involved a world-first auction of a virtual horse race using NFTs as ZED RUN allows users to buy, breed, and digital race horses.

The auction will enable users to bid on and purchase NFT virtual horses. At the same time, the winners would receive a percentage of their horse’s future earnings. 

Stella Artois created a limited edition of 12 NFT horses, auctioned off on OpenSea, a digital marketplace for NFTs. The NFTs were designed to be rare, unique, and in limited supply, making them valuable collectible items.

The NFT horses were modeled after real horses that participated in the prestigious Belmont Stakes horse race, and each NFT came with exclusive access to Stella Artoi’s virtual experiences.

The campaign aims to attract a younger demographic, particularly those interested in horse racing, esports, and the Metaverse.

The campaign was part of Stella Artois’ broader goal to expand its brand’s reach, engage with new audiences, and enhance brand loyalty.

How Does This Differ From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Stella Artois has a history of creating successful marketing campaigns. However, the horse racing NFT campaign is unique compared to previous Metaverse campaigns. Here are some differences:

  • The campaign reached younger audiences, particularly those interested in esports and the Metaverse.
  • The campaign focuses on reaching new audiences and increasing brand awareness rather than directly driving sales.
  • The campaign utilized NFTs, a new and emerging technology, making the campaign innovative and unique.
  • The campaign was a virtual event, making it accessible to a global audience, which is different from previous campaigns that have been location-specific.

Stella Artois’ horse racing NFT campaign was a creative and innovative approach to expanding its brand’s reach and engaging with new audiences. 

The campaign’s use of NFTs and virtual horse racing created a buzz around the brand, and the campaign’s success was evident in the sales and media coverage.

This campaign is a prime example of how brands can utilize new technologies. Also, emerging trends create successful marketing campaigns.

By partnering with Zed Run, Stella Artois has taken advantage of the growing popularity of virtual experiences. As well as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to create a unique brand experience that would stand out in a crowded market.

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How Did the Campaign Perform?

The campaign received positive reviews and was covered by the media. The NFT horses were highly sought after by collectors, and they became an instant hit in the NFT community.

The game became popular as horses can generate a return on investment. The cost is around $50 to enter a buy-in race, but players can race the horses unlimited. Players can then earn more by breeding and racing horses digital

According to Forbes, “Stella Artois’ unique and innovative campaign has earned much attention and goodwill from fans and the press.” The campaign was praised for its ability to reach a new audience and its use of cutting-edge technology.

Using the marketing analysis, here is a concise but comprehensive bullet-point analysis of the campaign’s performance:

  • The campaign created a lot of buzzes and media attention.
  • The NFT horse auction was highly successful as collectors collected the horse NFTs.
  • The campaign was praised for its use of innovative technology and its ability to reach a new audience
  • The campaign received positive reviews and earned goodwill from fans and the press.

The campaign was successful and Stella Artois announced they would continue their partnership with ZED.RUN, with more campaigns planned for the future.

What Could Stella Artois Learn From Other Brand Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Stella Artois’ NFT horse racing campaign is an innovative and creative marketing approach. It reached a younger, tech-savvy audience and promoted the brand’s image. 

By leveraging the growing trend of virtual experiences and partnering with the right companies, the campaign generated impressive results. It also created a memorable experience for consumers.

However, as a drinking brand, Stella Artois could learn more from other Metaverse campaigns, such as Coca-Cola.

The brand created a reward system where users gain points when they buy bottles of coke in the real world. Also, scan QR codes, and interact with others in the Metaverse. 

If Stella integrated the same strategy, it could entice more users to participate and engage in virtual horse racing.

Or Stella could learn more from other food brand campaigns such as Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, and Jimmy John’s.

These brands also successfully entered Metaverse with their unique advertisement and immersive experience in the Metaverse.

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