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Spotify and Roblox Partner to Create an Engaging Music Experience

Spotify collaboration with Roblox enables them to create immersive music experience for their users.

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Updated: April 10, 2023

The popular music streaming service Spotify partnered with Roblox, a virtual gaming platform, to launch a unique and immersive music experience for its users. 

The “WonderWrapped” campaign aimed to introduce Spotify’s brand to a younger audience and increase engagement with its platform.

The Campaign–to Drive Engagement on the Platform and Increase Brand Awareness and Monthly Active Users


Spotify and Roblox’s partnership targeted younger audiences who spend significant amounts of time on Roblox’s virtual platform.

WonderWrapped, a virtual world within the Roblox game, offered users a chance to explore an interactive music space, listen to curated playlists, and participate in music-themed activities.

Although the company already had a Spotify Island on the Roblox platform, it has been upgraded with many new features.

These enhancements will include Wrapped-inspired quests, virtual merch, games, and photo booth opportunities featuring up to 12 artists.

Upon arriving at Spotify Island, players will be welcomed with an onboarding experience that guides them through WonderWrapped.

Upon completing various quests and minigames, players will earn WonderWrapped points that lead them towards unlocking a unique Wrapped-inspired item for free.

In addition, players can take a Wrapped-inspired photo with any of the 12 featured artists of their choosing and appear alongside them in Roblox avatar form.

As players ascend the charts, they will see steps that mimic the different shapes and patterns in 2022 Wrapped Creative.

The higher players climb, the more points they will earn, and upon reaching the top, they will discover an easter egg.

The shapes scattered around the island correspond to holes, and upon completion of the quest, players will be rewarded with another easter egg.

Players can take on the Shape Shifter challenge by standing on a platform with falling tiles. When the shape is called, they must quickly run towards the corresponding shape or risk falling and losing the round.

Spotify also offered exclusive content on the WonderWrapped platform, including a virtual concert by DJ Calvin Harris, which helped to generate excitement and draw users to the experience.


How Does This Differ From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Spotify has a history of launching successful marketing campaigns, but the WonderWrapped campaign stands out for several reasons.

Firstly, a unique partnership with a virtual gaming platform helped expand the company’s reach and target new audiences.

Additionally, the campaign was designed to be an immersive experience, providing users a new way to engage with the Spotify brand.

Compared to previous campaigns, WonderWrapped was more focused on brand awareness and engagement rather than driving sales or subscriptions.

However, by increasing user engagement and retention, the campaign could still generate significant value for the company.

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How Did the Campaign Perform?

The WonderWrapped campaign was a resounding success, with Spotify and Roblox reporting impressive results.

Some of the campaign’s key performance indicators include:

  • Many users visited the WonderWrapped music space within the first week of the launch.
  • Spotify’s monthly active users increased during the campaign.
  • The partnership with Roblox helped Spotify increase brand awareness among its target audience.
  • The Calvin Harris virtual concert was viewed by many users on the WonderWrapped platform.

Marketing Analysis:

  • The campaign’s unique concept and innovative approach helped create buzz and generate user interest.
  • By partnering with Roblox, Spotify was able to tap into a new audience and increase its brand awareness among younger users.
  • Offering exclusive content, such as the Calvin Harris concert, helped to drive engagement and keep users interested in the experience.
  • The campaign’s performance metrics show that it successfully achieved its goals, including increasing user engagement and driving user retention.

What Could Spotify Learn From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

In conclusion, the WonderWrapped campaign was a creative and successful marketing campaign that helped Spotify achieve its goals of increasing brand awareness and user engagement.

By partnering with Roblox and offering an immersive music experience, Spotify expanded its reach and targeted new audiences.

The campaign’s success highlights the importance of innovative marketing strategies and partnerships in reaching new audiences and achieving business goals.

However, Spotify could learn more from other brand campaigns in the Metaverse, such LiveOne, which partners with Global Titans to promote boxing in the Metaverse.

By partnering with popular sports, Spotify could attract more users to their platform through boxing fans.

Or it could also learn from Warner Music which hosted a Superbowl concert in Roblox with famous artists like Saweetie.

Partnering with popular celebrities or sports can attract more users to the platform through their fans and followers globally.

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