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Selfridges and Charli Cohen Brought Pokémon to Life in the Metaverse

Selfridge and Pokemon collaboration shows how fashion industry use Metaverse in creating new and exciting experience for customers.

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Updated: February 28, 2023
Selfridge x Charli Cohen to celebrate 25th anniversary of Pokemon franchise

Charli Cohen, a fashion brand, Selfridges, and Pokemon joined forces to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the popular gaming franchise with a unique and immersive virtual reality (VR) experience called ElectricCity.

It’s a virtual 3D experience that combines fashion, gaming, and technology.

This campaign marked a milestone in the fashion industry as it combined physical stores with cutting-edge digital technology to create a memorable, multi-sensory customer experience.

The Campaign–Create New Fashion Collection To Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Pokemon Franchise. 

The campaign was brought together with Charli Cohen, Selfridges, and Pokemon, to create a new fashion collection that celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise.

With the help of BLOCKv, a blockchain-powered platform, they’ve created an immersive shopping experience.

The Charli Cohen and Pokemon ElectricCity collection features activewear for both men and women, which takes inspiration from the characters and themes of the Pokemon universe. 

The campaign’s purposes was to:

  • Create a unique shopping experience that engages customers and drives foot traffic to the store.
  • Use technology to showcase Charli Cohen’s new Pokémon-inspired clothing collection and bring it to life in a virtual setting.
  • Offer an interactive gaming experience allowing customers to engage with the brand and build a community around it.
  • The Electric/City virtual environment was designed to reflect the streets of London, complete with landmarks and iconic buildings. Customers could explore the environment using their smartphones or through virtual reality headsets.

How Does This Differ From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

This campaign departed from the traditional retail experience and demonstrated how the fashion industry could utilize digital technology to create an immersive and interactive customer experience. 

In the past, Selfridges had focused on creating memorable in-store experiences, such as its famous Christmas windows.

However, this campaign took things to the next level by creating a virtual world that customers could explore.

Similarly, Charli Cohen had never before collaborated with a gaming franchise, showing how collaborations with brands outside the fashion industry can lead to exciting new creative directions.

The Electric/City campaign is unique because it combines fashion, gaming, and technology in a way that has never been done before.

It also showcases Selfridges’ commitment to creating unique, immersive shopping experiences that engage customers and drive foot traffic. 

Charli Cohen, and Selfridges bring to life a virtual 3D experience for the 25th anniversary of Pokémon

How Did the Campaign Perform?

The campaign was a huge success and was praised for its innovative use of technology and ability to create a memorable customer experience.

Here is a summary of the results and insights of the campaign:

The campaign generated widespread media coverage across traditional and social media platforms.

The VR experience was well-received by customers.

The collection sold out within the first few days of its launch, indicating a strong demand for the collaboration.

The campaign increased engagement with the Charli Cohen and Selfridges brands, with Charli Cohen’s Instagram and Selfridge Instagram followers increasing.

The campaign was covered by major media outlets, including Business of Fashion, LS: N Global, and The Drum.

According to the marketing analysis, the campaign achieved the following:

  • It utilizes the VR experience to increase foot traffic to Selfridges and create a multi-sensory customer experience.
  • Combining fashion, gaming, and technology to create a unique campaign that captured the attention of a broad audience.
  • Generated social media buzz and media coverage through traditional PR and influencer marketing.
  • Targeted a niche audience of Pokemon fans likely to be interested in the collaboration.
  • Increased engagement with the brands involved, as evidenced by the growth in social media followers.

What Could Selfridge and Charli Cohen Learn From Other Brand Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Charli Cohen, Selfridges, and the Pokemon campaign are excellent examples of how the fashion industry can use technology to create a new and exciting customer experience. 

The campaign successfully combined fashion, gaming, and technology to create an immersive and interactive world that customers could explore.

However, Selfridge and Charli Cohen could learn more from other brands’ campaigns in the Metaverse as a fashion brand.

Such as Nike, which created Nikeland; Adidas, which taps into NFTs; Ralph Lauren with Winter Escape and Tommy Hilfiger with Tommy Play

These brands created virtual spaces and partnered with Roblox, a gaming platform to connect and engage with consumers. With their extraordinary campaigns, they can capture a wider audience, especially Gen Z.

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