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South African Retailer, Game Enters the Metaverse

Game entering Metaverse is an advantage for a retail brand to leverage the technology behind to reach wider audience.

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Updated: February 19, 2023

Game, a South African mass retailer, is making history as the first retailer in the country to join the Metaverse. 

It’s all thanks to their latest Black Friday promotion, featuring a Game-branded Roblox game. 

The Game offered players the chance to win a share of over R70,000 in vouchers leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Campaign–Reach New Audiences in Fun and Interactive Ways 

The campaign is a joint effort with South African mass retailer Game and Roblox. One of the world’s largest online gaming platforms, to bring their Black Friday campaign to life in the Metaverse.

The Game-branded Roblox game is a fun and engaging way for retailers to connect with their customers. Especially those in the gaming community.

The Game is set in a downtown city neighborhood and challenges players to race around and collect eight comet fragments.

While avoiding obstacles like potholes and exploding pigeons. Each day, the top player will win R5,000 in vouchers, the second R3,000, and the third R2,000.

The Game remains available in Roblox for players to enjoy even if the competition has ended.

The campaign’s main aim was to reach a new audience and connect with customers in a fun and innovative way.

By launching a game in the Metaverse, Game is tapping into the growing popularity of gaming and virtual reality.

The company wants to show its customers that it is a forward-thinking brand that is willing to embrace new technologies.

The campaign is also an opportunity for Game to offer its customers a chance to win vouchers. Also, discounts leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The campaign is different from other campaigns. The game has been done in the past in several ways. It’s the first time the retailer has entered the Metaverse, a growing and popular area in the gaming industry.

Unlike past retailers’ campaigns, it is also a fun and engaging way for customers to connect with the brand.

Finally, the campaign offers players a chance to win real-world prizes, making it more interactive and exciting for customers.

How Did the Campaign Perform?

The campaign results have been positive, and even had positive early feedback before it was launched.

Game’s Marketing Vice President Katherine Madley said, “We are excited about this launch as we open up our brand to a new audience.”

She added, “We have seen the incredible growth of the gaming sector globally and heard the call from consumers for brands to be more innovative in their approach.”

The Game is praised for its innovative approach, unlike its past campaigns have done.

Katherine Madley said that the retailer plans to continue growing its Metaverse-based offering and encourages consumers to keep an eye out for updates.

The fact that the Game allows gamers to win real-world prizes also sets it apart from other campaigns that the Game has done in the past.

What could Game Learn from Other Brand Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Game’s Black Friday campaign is a bold and innovative move for the retailer. By entering the Metaverse, the company is reaching a new audience and embracing new technologies, sure to pay off in the long run.

The Game is a fun and engaging way for customers to connect with the brand and offers a chance to win real-world prizes, making it an exciting and interactive campaign for all involved.

As a retail brand, Game could learn more from Walmart, which has the same concept in Metaverse campaigns.

The brand also created Walmart Land, an immersive experience in Roblox that offers consumers a virtual store of items for avatars.

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