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Ralph Lauren and Fortnite: A Phygital Partnership

Ralph Lauren partnership with Fortnite demonstrated the possibilities of meging physical and digital world though fashion and gaming in the Metaverse.

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Updated: March 14, 2023
Ralph Lauren Polo Prodigy in Fortnite

In a world where physical and digital experiences are merging, Ralph Lauren has partnered with the gaming giant, Fortnite.

The partnership created a groundbreaking campaign that brings together the worlds of fashion, gaming, and technology.

The collaboration introduced a new collection featuring digital and physical fashion.

This partnership marks the first time that the iconic Polo Pony logo of Ralph Lauren will be redesigned.

The digital collection will comprise two outfits and in-game cosmetics at the Fortnite item shop.

Ralph Lauren Polo Prodigy in Fortnite

The Campaign–to Engage With a Younger Audience and Introduce Ralph Lauren to a New Generation of Consumers

Ralph Lauren and Fortnite’s partnership created a ‘phygital‘ experience, where digital and physical worlds merge to create a unique and immersive experience.

The collaboration involved launching a digital and physical collection of clothing, accessories, and other merchandise, including a virtual shop within Fortnite.

The company replaced Ralph Lauren’s iconic polo pony logo with a new logo featuring the pony playing Fortnite. The collection targets a younger demographic, focusing on streetwear and sportswear.

Ralph Lauren’s latest collection marks a significant milestone as it was initially conceptualized as a digital-first capsule with a creative gaming design influence.

The digital Outfits are a testament to Ralph Lauren’s exceptional artistry and craftsmanship, featuring incredibly detailed and high-fidelity renditions. 

The physical capsule collection extends the Outfits and brings them to life in the real world.

Notably, the Boot will be replicated from the digital version showcased in the Fortnite Outfits, further highlighting the interplay between digital and physical.

The Boot will be made available to consumers in the coming months.

Ralph Lauren’s Polo Stadium collection is set to debut in the Metaverse via Fortnite.

The digital and physical collections draw inspiration from the brand’s iconic Stadium collection and Polo Sport line from the 1990s, reimagined for the modern Metaverse.

The digital collection comprises two Outfits with alternate styles and other in-game cosmetics that will be available for purchase at the Fortnite Item Shop.

On the other hand, the physical apparel capsule collection will be exclusively available on RalphLauren.com.

The campaign aimed to engage with a younger audience and introduce Ralph Lauren to a new generation of consumers.

The partnership aimed to bridge the gap between physical and digital experiences. Also to create an immersive experience appealing to the gaming community.

Ralph Lauren Polo Prodigy in Fortnite

How Does This Differ From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Ralph Lauren has a history of collaborating with other brands, including limited edition collections with streetwear brands such as Palace and Vans.

However, the partnership with Fortnite was unique in its approach to merging the physical and digital worlds. It creates a ‘phygital’ experience that appealed to a younger demographic.

Additionally, the partnership with Fortnite was unique in its ability to reach a broader audience through the gaming community.

While Ralph Lauren has a significant presence in the fashion industry, the partnership allowed the brand to get a new generation of consumers who may not have been familiar with the brand previously.

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How Did the Campaign Perform?

The campaign received significant attention from both the fashion and gaming industries. Also, many praising the innovative approach to merging the physical and digital worlds.

The partnership also reached a younger demographic, introducing Ralph Lauren to a new generation of consumers.

According to marketing analysis, the campaign performed exceptionally well, with the following key results:

  • The partnership generated good impressions across social media platforms.
  • The digital and physical collections sold out within the launch.
  • The virtual shop within Fortnite has many visits within the first week of launching.
  • The partnership increased sales for Ralph Lauren.
  • The campaign was able to reach a younger demographic in Metaverse.

Regarding the partnership, David Lauren, Ralph Lauren’s Vice Chairman, stated, “The collaboration with Fortnite has been an incredible opportunity to showcase the brand in a new way and to reach a new generation of consumers.”

Ralph Lauren Polo Prodigy in Fortnite
Ralph Lauren Polo Prodigy in Fortnite

What Could Ralph Lauren Learn From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

The partnership between Ralph Lauren and Fortnite was groundbreaking in its approach to merging the physical and digital worlds.

The association reached a younger demographic, introduced Ralph Lauren to a new generation of consumers. It also generated significant buzz across social media platforms.

Although it is not the first time Ralph Lauren has entered Metaverse, it also partnered with Roblox.

The brand created a holiday-themed virtual space and game and a virtual shop where Roblox users can explore immersively.

However, Ralph Lauren could learn more from other campaigns that match Fortnite, such as Wendy’s, which has unique brand advertisements as Wendy’s mascot plays Fortnite to fight frozen beef.

Or from Balenciaga, that created skins for Fortnite characters, which introduced their brand to all Fortnite players.

It could also learn from Ferrari teaming up with Fortnite to let the players drive their luxury cars even just in the game.

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