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Pontac Expand Its Boundaries by Venturing Into the Metaverse

Pontac Metaverse marketing campaign demonstrated the company’s willingness to experiment with emerging technologies and commitment to providing innovative solutions to its customers.

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Updated: March 30, 2023
Pontac team

The marketing world is constantly evolving, and with new technology and emerging platforms, marketers are exploring innovative ways to reach their target audience.

One such platform gaining popularity is the Metaverse – a virtual world where people can connect digital content in a three-dimensional environment.

Pontac, established in 2018, emphasizes to its team that boldness is their most significant asset as a newcomer in the market.

They encourage stepping out of one’s comfort zone to grow. As a comprehensive marketing service provider, Pontac takes pride in creating cutting-edge digital solutions that leverage data and technology.

Their offerings encompass various digital deliverables, such as website development, CRM transformation, marketing campaigns, and marketing automation.

The Campaign– To Engage With Customers in a Virtual Environment and Offer Them an Immersive Experience

Pontac launched a Metaverse marketing campaign, expanding its comfort zone and promoting its latest product.

The agency decided to push beyond its boundaries by venturing into the world of the Metaverse.

This move allowed them to explore virtual realms and launch campaigns such as YSL BEAUTY ZONE and SHISEIDO 150th ANNIVERSARY.

YSL BEAUTY ZONE allows participants to design their avatars and partake in various activities within the virtual online shop.

These activities include interactive game zones and the BEAUTY STAGE concert.

The Metaverse also employs Virtual MODIFACE technology to showcase YSL’s leading products and exclusive items. Additionally, attendees have the opportunity to meet the performers of the concert in the virtual reality world.

The campaign also creates a virtual showroom where customers can interact with the product, ask questions, and receive real-time support from Pontac’s sales team.

The virtual showroom was designed to replicate a physical showroom. It has different sections highlighting the various features and benefits of the product.

The campaign aimed to engage with potential customers in a virtual environment and offer them an immersive product experience.

As an award-winning digital agency with a proven track record in the Asia Pacific, it has earned clients loyalty from diverse industries and cultures.

Notable clients include L’Oréal Group, LVMH Group, Estée Lauder Group, Swire, Samsung, and others, all winning by the agency’s exceptional work.

Shiseido 150th Anniv

How Does This Differ From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

The Pontac Metaverse marketing campaign differs significantly from the company’s previous campaigns.

In the past, Pontac relied on traditional marketing channels such as print and digital ads to promote its products. However, the Metaverse marketing campaign allowed the company to create a unique experience that set it apart from its competitors.

The campaign also allowed Pontac to target a specific audience – tech-savvy customers interested in emerging technologies.

By creating a virtual showroom showcasing the product’s features and benefits, Pontac was able to offer a personalized experience that catered to the needs of its target audience.

Moreover, the Metaverse marketing campaign allowed Pontac to showcase its innovative capabilities. Also, position itself as one of the leaders in the industry.


How Did the Campaign Perform?

The Pontac Metaverse marketing campaign was a huge success, exceeding the company’s expectations.

The campaign’s success was measured through various metrics, including:

  • Engagement rate: The campaign’s engagement rate was significantly higher than the company’s previous campaigns. The virtual showroom attracted many visitors who explored the product and interacted with the sales team.
  • Brand awareness: The campaign helped increase brand awareness, with Pontac’s name being mentioned on various online and social media platforms.
  • Sales: The campaign significantly increased sales, with many customers making purchases after interacting with the product in the virtual showroom.
YSL BEAUTY with avatar

What Could Pontac Learn From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

The Pontac Metaverse marketing campaign is an excellent example of how companies can leverage emerging technologies to create immersive experiences and engage with customers in a new way.

The campaign’s success is a testament to the power of the Metaverse as a marketing platform and its potential to revolutionize how companies interact with their customers.

Pontac could also learn from other campaigns in the Metaverse, such as Gucci.

The brand also celebrated its 200th anniversary in the Metaverse by creating Gucci Garden in Roblox, giving the customers an immersive experience while sharing awareness of the brand heritage.

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