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Pizza Hut and Jimmy John’s Launch ‘Real World’ Experiences in the Metaverse

Pizza Hut and Jimmy John’s campaign demonstrated how marketers can reward users in Metaverse with tangible incentives.

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Updated: January 29, 2023

Jimmy John’s and Pizza Hut have recently dipped their toes into the Metaverse with separate campaigns that offer tangible incentives for consumers to participate.

Pizza Hut’s campaign took place in ComplexLand, a virtual shopping experience.

While Jimmy John’s interactive version of a restaurant campaign is in Decentraland, users can build a custom “Metasandwich” that users can order for pickup in the real world.

The Campaigns – Bringing Metaverse Experiences into the Real World

The campaign was a collaboration between Pizza Hut, owned by Yum Brands, and Jimmy John’s, a U.S. sandwich chain that has separate campaign agenda.

Pizza Hut’s campaign was designed with the help of artist Rob Shields, while the agency Anomaly created Jimmy John’s campaign. 

Rob Shields design custom delivery vehicles, delivery driver avatars, and nine non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that embody cyberpunk themes for Pizza Hut. Users who participate will have a chance to win one of these NFTs, which will unlock a year of free pizza.

The Jimmy John’s campaign is to let users create a customized menu of sandwiches or a “Metasandwich” in their interactive restaurant version in Decentraland. Then, allow them to order for pickup in the real world to be submitted for consideration to become an actual menu item for a limited time.

In Jimmy John’s Metasandwiches, users can add secret ingredients such as cookies without being known by their fellow diners. The Decentraland restaurant also carries an exclusive promo code and Jimmy John’s merchandise access.

Both campaigns aim to offer tangible incentives for consumers to participate in the Metaverse. Pizza Hut hopes to attract customers to its virtual shopping experience and show them the chance to win a year of free pizza.

At the same time, Jimmy John’s aims to engage customers by allowing them to create custom sandwiches that could become menu items. 

Campaigns on a year of free pizza or personalized sandwich orders to add to a menu for a limited time might win those sceptics.

Setting up a digital sphere also offers perks that are hard to do in real life. Both also demonstrate how marketers focus on tying rewards into their Metaverse experiments and challenges as the novelty of digital experiences starts to wane.

How Did the campaigns Perform?

The results of the campaign are not specified. But both brands wanted to create a buzz around their activations and drive customer engagement.

The free pizza incentive for a year or having a personalized sandwich order for a limited time could help win over sceptics. Setting up shop in the digital sphere also opens up perks that could be harder to pull off in real life.

It is the first time Jimmy John’s and Pizza Hut have ventured into the Metaverse. Both brands have previously run virtual activations but have yet to offer tangible incentives for customers to participate.

This campaign marks a shift towards offering rewards and incentives to customers to drive engagement in their Metaverse content, where Gen Z spend most of their time.

What Could Pizza Hut & Jimmy John’s Learn from Other Brand Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Pizza Hut and Jimmy John’s campaigns are unique. It offers tangible incentives and personalization that can drive customer engagement in the Metaverse.

Pizza Hut leverages existing events in Complexland can help the brand build an audience and create a buzz with their campaign. Both also focus on a specific demographic, targeting where Gen Z spend twice their time, which is the Metaverse, instead of the real world.

However, both can learn more from other brands or Wendy’s campaign, the “Wendyverse,” which reached 52 million users on Meta by creating a unique and creative virtual experience.

Jimmy John’s and Pizza Hut could learn from this success and aim to create similarly engaging and memorable customer experiences through their Metaverse marketing campaigns.

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