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Oreo Enters the Metaverse with Martha Stewart 

By leveraging the power of the Metaverse, Oreo and Martha Stewart created a memorable and engaging experience for consumers that helped increase brand awareness, loyalty, and sales.

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Updated: May 9, 2023

Regarding cookies, the iconic brand OREO has always been a fan favorite.

Recently, the brand decided to take things to the next level by introducing a new, limited-edition cookie called the “Most OREO OREO.”

But that’s not all – they also created an immersive digital world called the “OREOVERSE,” where fans can have virtual adventures and participate in cookie-themed games to win prizes.

Martha Stewart, a long-time fan of the brand, will be the guide in this virtual world, and she is excited to debut in the Metaverse with one of her favorite cookie brands. 

The Campaign– To Create a Unique Experience for Oreo Customers by Launching a Limited Edition Oreo Cookie in the Metaverse

The campaign was created to launch the new limited-edition cookie called the “Most OREO OREO.”

The OREOVERSE is a digital world where fans can play games and participate in cookie-themed contests to win prizes.

It leverages the power of the Metaverse, a virtual world where people can engage with each other and digital objects in real-time using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies.

The virtual world is hosted on Meta Horizon Worlds and can be accessed through Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest Pro headsets and a computer or mobile phone at OREOVERSE.OREO.com.

The brand hopes this immersive digital world will provide its fans with a fun and playful experience.

Martha Stewart, a long-time fan of OREO, will be the guide in this virtual world.

She will stream her experience with her friend and gardener Ryan McCallister next week.

Stewart stated that she is excited to debut in the Metaverse with one of her favorite cookie brands and that she and McCallister have been on many adventures together.

This partnership will help the brand connect with an older demographic while still appealing to younger generations.

The campaign’s primary goal was to create a unique experience for Oreo customers and establish a presence in the Metaverse.

The campaign aimed to explore the potential of the Metaverse as a new medium for marketing and brand-building.


How Does This Differ From Other Campaigns the Company Has Done in the Past?

Oreo has always been a brand that has experimented with its marketing campaigns.

The company has launched many innovative campaigns, like the “Oreo Dunk Challenge” and “Oreo Thins.”

However, the Oreo-Martha Stewart Metaverse campaign differs from other campaigns that the company has done in several ways:

  1. It was a collaboration with a well-known celebrity, which helped to create excitement and interest in the campaign.
  2. The digital-first campaign relied on virtual technologies to create an immersive and engaging consumer experience. This approach differs significantly from traditional advertising methods such as TV and print ads.
  3. The campaign was aimed at a younger audience, a departure from Oreo’s traditional target market of families with children.

The use of virtual reality and the creation of a digital world provided a unique opportunity to engage with fans in a new way—the grand prize of $50,000 incentivized fans to participate in the contests and games.


How Did the Campaign Perform?

The Oreo and Martha Stewart campaign was a massive success, with many positive reviews from consumers and industry experts.

The campaign created much buzz on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Using marketing analysis, here are the bullet-point of campaign results:

  • The campaign generated significant media coverage, with articles appearing in major publications such as Good Morning America, Retail Wit, and Marketing Dive.
  • The campaign established Oreo’s presence in the Metaverse, giving the brand an edge.
  • The Oreoverse received many visitors within the first week of its launch.
  • The Oreo-Martha Stewart partnership resulted in a surge in social media engagement. With thousands of likes, shares, and comments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • The limited-edition Oreo flavor sold out quickly and became popular in the Metaverse.
  • The grand prize of $50,000 incentivized fans to participate in the contests and games in the virtual world.
  • The campaign helped increase brand awareness and loyalty. Many consumers expressed enthusiasm and appreciation for the creative and innovative approach.

What Could Oreo Learn From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

The Oreo-Martha Stewart Metaverse campaign was a bold and innovative move that paid off significantly.

However, Oreo could learn more from other brand campaigns in the Metaverse, from Chiptole, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s. 

Chipotle partnered with Snapchat to create Lifestyle Bowls to raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle utilizing AR and VR technology.

Coca-Cola also launched a new drink called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte, with an exciting feature for gamers.

The glass allows customers to access an 8-bit game in Pixel Point, an island created by Coca-Cola in the popular Fortnite Metaverse.

By purchasing this drink, customers can enjoy a refreshing beverage and dive into the virtual world of Pixel Point for some gaming fun.

While McDonald’s teamed up with content creator Karen X Cheng in a recent collaboration to celebrate the Lunar New Year in the Spatial Metaverse.

Customers were treated to a range of exciting virtual and augmented reality experiences.

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