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Nikeland in Roblox

Nikeland campaign proves that in-play moments emulating global sports evets while continue updating the world with athletes can be united in real life and the Metaverse.

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Updated: February 4, 2023

Nike has teamed up with Roblox and created a virtual world called Nikeland on the online gaming platform. The virtual world features Nike buildings, arenas, and fields for players to compete in various mini-games modelled after the company’s real-life headquarters.

The Campaign – Creating A Virtual World for New Generation Athletes

The campaign was a joint effort between sports giant Nike and online gaming platform Roblox. They created a virtual world with Nike buildings, fields, and arenas for players called Nikeland.

It was moulded after the real-life headquarters of Nike, where players can compete in various mini-games such as dodgeball and “the floor is lava.”

The world is free for now, but Nike plans to unite in-play moments that emulate global sporting events and continue updating the world with athlete and product integration.

The campaign aims to create a virtual world that connects with a new generation of athletes and makes them love the brand, which can eventually translate into real-world sales. 

The game will reward players with blue ribbons and gold medals for exploring, competing in the yard, and finding easter eggs.

The gold medals are used to unlock virtual products for players’ avatars, while blue ribbons will be used to purchase building materials for their yards.

Players can customize their Nikeland avatars with iconic Nike products like Air Force 1 Fontanka and Air Max 2021. They can also display them in the digital showroom.

Also, players can design their mini-games from interactive sports materials using the Nikeland toolkit.

The most notable feature of Nikeland is its connection to the real world. Players can use accelerometers on their phones, pulling off in-game moves through their movements in the real world.

These movements are jumps or speed runs, which Nike believes will encourage users to be more active, making Metaverse’s purpose relevant.

This campaign is different from other campaigns the brands have done in the past because it takes place in the Metaverse, a relatively new concept for both Nike and Roblox.

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How Did the Campaign Perform?

The campaign was successful; it already had 7 million visitors two months after the launch. Nikeland’s campaign is hugely successful, representing 26% of its total brand revenue.

According to Roblox data, the campaign efforts continue to grow and have a record of 29.7+ Million visitors and 133,828 favorites from players.

Nike sees the value in the metaverse’s ability to bridge with the new generation of athletes and make them love the brand, which can eventually translate into real-world sales.

Additionally, it serves as a testing ground for the brand to gauge consumer interests and potentially tease future products.

Nikeland in Roblox

What could Nike Learn from Other Brand Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Just like other brands dipping their toes in the Metaverse to test new areas for brands to create different marketing campaigns, Nike is doing the same.

Nike sees the Metaverse value in connecting with Gen Z athletes users to make them love the brand. Which the brand believes will eventually translate into real-world sales.

However, Nike can learn more from other brands’ campaigns with the same concept, such as Gucci, Victoria’s Secret, and Tommy Hilfiger.

These brands have created virtual spaces that keep players coming back. They created engaging social spaces and ongoing content updates, making players discover new products in natural and interactive ways.

Nike can benefit from these examples by creating a unique and immersive experience for Nikeland in Roblox. By providing an interactive environment, the players can get to know the brand and its products more naturally.

With the help of giveaways, special events, and rewards, the players can continue returning to Nikeland.

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