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MTN Hosts Africa’s First Virtual Concert in the Metaverse

MTN Group virtual concert shows how company can bring concert in the Metaverse reaching wider audience without needing to be on the concert show physically.

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Updated: February 28, 2023
MTN virtual concert

In a time where concerts and music festivals have become few and far between due to the pandemic, MTN, one of Africa’s largest telecommunication companies, took a leap of faith and held the continent’s first virtual concert in the Metaverse.

This bold move allowed African creators to showcase their talents to a global audience while offering a unique entertainment experience.

MTN Group aims to utilize its vast network of 34.5 million subscribers across Africa to pioneer the promotion of the Metaverse in the continent. 

The company, which operates in 17 African countries, has unveiled a new Metaverse platform called “altMTN.” It also plans to hold a virtual music concert in November to unleash the potential of immersive experiences.

The first Metaverse music concert in Africa, MTN Group has partnered with The Mic: Africa. It’s a platform that connects African music, arts, and culture.

The Campaign–Promote African Music and Creativity to a Global Audience

The campaign is an initiative by MTN Group, the mobile network operator in South Africa. The event was the first of its kind in Africa, featuring African creators from all over the continent tapping into Metaverse.

The concert aimed to promote African music and creativity to a global audience. Also, showcase the endless possibilities the Metaverse offers for events and entertainment.

While demonstrating the company’s commitment to driving innovation and embracing new technologies.

MTN also purchased 144 virtual land plots in Ubuntuland, a 3D virtual reality immersive hub owned by South African tech firm Mann Made, for an undisclosed amount.

The emergence of the Metaverse trend among African music artists has brought new avenues for presenting their art. It transforms online forums and communities.

Such as the Africa NFT Community, Black NFT Art, Kenyan NFT Club, and Nigeria NFT Community, where artists can network and explore the benefits of immersive technology.

Anna Ogutogullari, the founder of QkweQkwe.io, a virtual marketplace. African artists can buy and sell digital art in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which revealed that the total value of African artists in the NFT market is worth $15 billion.

She emphasized the importance of encouraging African artists to showcase their talents. Also supports them to change the future African art market positively.

Nigerian music star BNXN (formerly called Buju) hosted a Metaverse listening party for his playlist, Bad Since 97 allowing global fans to tune in.

BNXN created the HeadsByBuju NFT project to reward his fans, with the NFTs giving owners access to his physical and virtual concerts.

How Does This Differ From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

MTN has a history of embracing innovation and using technology to enhance its services.

However, this campaign was unique in a few ways:

  • First-of-its-kind: This virtual concert was the first in Africa, demonstrating MTN’s commitment to leading the telecommunications industry.
  • Unique approach: By hosting the event in the Metaverse, MTN could offer a unique entertainment experience to its audience. Also, one that could not be replicated in real life.
  • Increased reach: Since the concert was accessible via the Metaverse platform, MTN was able to reach a wider audience. It also expands its brand’s exposure beyond traditional marketing channels.
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How Did the Campaign Perform? 

The virtual reality concert was a success, garnering praise from industry leaders, participants, and viewers. Here’s a quick analysis of the campaign’s performance:

  • Reach: The event reached many people on social media.
  • Engagement: Many people registered for the event, with unique attendees.
  • Revenue: Although the event was free, MTN’s branding was prominently featured throughout the concert, which could lead to increased sales or revenue.
  • Feedback: The event received positive feedback from industry leaders and participants, with one musician stating, “This was an amazing platform to showcase our creativity and art to the world. Thank you, MTN, for making it happen!”

What Could MTN Learn From Other Brand Campaigns in the Metaverse?

MTN’s virtual concert in the Metaverse was a successful marketing campaign. It showcased the company’s commitment to innovation and embracing new technologies.

The event was a first of its kind in Africa, providing a unique entertainment experience to its audience. 

By offering free access to the concert, MTN expanded its brand’s exposure. It was a testament to the company’s dedication to promoting African music and creativity to a global audience.

However, MTN could learn more from Metaverse campaigns like The Voice. The talent show brings the singing contest to the digital world, where global users can participate to showcase their talent.

MTN could have the same concept wherein users can showcase their talents in arts or music; it would have added excitement to people joining the event.

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