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McCain Foods Joins the Metaverse with Regen Fries

McCain Foods campaign on #SaveOurSoil shows how brands can share awareness on sustainable farming in an innovative way.

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Updated: February 19, 2023

McCain Foods, the world’s largest manufacturer of prepared potato products, has entered the Metavers. It launched a new product, Regen Fries, as part of the #SaveOurSoil initiative.

Regen Fries are made from potatoes grown using regenerative farming methods. While the company aims to implement these practices across 100% of its potato acreage by the end of 2030.

Available globally today, McCain’s free-to-play Farms of the Future game, integrated into Roblox, allows players to virtually grow potatoes using regenerative farming methods that improve and restore soil health. (CNW Group/McCain Foods (Canada))

The campaign–Educate and Engage With Younger Consumers on Regenerative Agriculture. 

The campaign was a collaboration between McCain Foods, Roblox, and Bored & Hungry. The #SaveOurSoil campaign was an initiative to educate and engage younger audiences about regenerative agriculture’s benefits.

McCain Foods achieved this by partnering with two innovative brands, Roblox, one of the largest Metaverse platforms. Also Bored & Hungry, the first NFT-themed restaurant.

The main aim of the #SaveOurSoil campaign was to educate and engage the younger audiences about the challenges currently facing the farming community. As well as the benefits of regenerative farming.

By partnering with Roblox and Bored & Hungry, McCain Foods brought the message to life in a fun, interactive, and impactful way. Also, engage younger audiences in a new and innovative way and bring the message of sustainable farming to life in a fun and interactive way.

This campaign is unique compared to other campaigns by McCain Food. As it is their first foray into the Metaverse and their first collaboration with NFT-themed brands.

The free-to-play game in Roblox Livetopia allows consumers virtually to grow potatoes using regenerative farming techniques. Users can gain rewards after applying regenerative practices.

At the same time, the Bored & Hungry restaurant will serve Regen Fries in its flagship store in Long Beach, California, and pop-up locations in London and Toronto.

McCain believes agriculture is vital in making the global food system more sustainable. If farmers don’t change the way they farm, the implications are bleak, and McCain will not allow it to happen.

Working with farmers and consumers can enable the speed of transition into regenerative farming practices.

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How Did the Campaign Perform?

The result of the #SaveOurSoil campaign is a massive success with an up to date data of 3.0B+ visits and 3,698,991 favorites from the player.

The brand has received positive feedback for its efforts to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable farming practices. 

The free-to-play Farms of the Future game, integrated into Livetopia, one of the top 10 Roblox titles, has received positive feedback from players who can learn about regenerative farming while having fun.

The Bored & Hungry restaurant has also received positive reviews for serving Regen Fries.

What could McCain’s Foods Learn from Other Brand Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Overall, McCain Foods’ #SaveOurSoil campaign is an innovative and impactful effort to raise awareness about the importance of sustainable farming practices and to encourage consumers to make a difference.

The campaign’s use of the Metaverse, NFTs, and interactive experiences has set it apart from traditional marketing campaigns. It also received positive feedback from audiences.

However, McCain’s Foods can learn more from other brand campaigns in the Metaverse, such as Wendy’s, Pizza hut, Jimmy John’s, and Hillshire Farm.

These brands have successfully entered the Metaverse and share brand awareness with younger consumers in an immersive and engaging way through their content.

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