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Louis Vuitton Launches Gaming NFTs in Louis: The Game

Louis Vuitton campaign shows how luxury brands can utilize technology and NFTs to capture Gen Z interest and educate them about the brands history and heritage.

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Updated: February 25, 2023

Louis Vuitton, the famous French luxury fashion brand, has updated its mobile game, Louis: The Game, adding ten new NFTs and two new levels to explore. 

The game launched in August 2021 to celebrate the brand’s 200th anniversary, has over two million downloads and is available on Android and iOS devices.

The Campaign—Louis:The Game, New Gaming NFTs

Louis Vuitton is part of LVMH, the multinational conglomerate that owns 76 brands. It is experimenting in recent times with having a presence for its products in digital worlds and Metaverses. 

In April 2021, LVMH announced the creation of the Aurora Blockchain Consortium, a blockchain specifically designed for the luxury segment.

The postcards for Louis: The Game, a blockchain game were designed by Wenew Labs and Mike Winkelmann, aka Beeple, who also created an NFT auctioned by Christie’sChristie’s in March 2021 for $69 million.

Louis: The Game is a beautiful 3D game in which you explore diverse areas with a character named Vivienne on a quest to find all 200 collectable candles.

The game’s primary aim is to educate players about the 200-year history of Louis Vuitton, with every uncovering candle bit of information about the Parisian luxury fashion company.

The game also features time trials, allowing players to compete and challenge their friends on global leaderboards.

It also aims to help Vivienne find the 16 pages of a manuscript with information about the history of the brand’s founder and the iconic trunks that he began manufacturing in France in 1858.

The game creation intent is to reach and involve young consumers and promote Louis Vuitton’sVuitton’s 200th anniversary.

 The Game differs from other campaigns in a few ways:

  • It’s a mobile game that uses NFTs to promote the brand’s history and reach younger consumers.
  • It is also different in that it invites fans to solve puzzles in the game to earn the right to enter a raffle for NFTs rather than simply auctioning off NFTs.
  • This approach to NFTs is unique and sets Louis Vuitton apart from other companies that have explored the use of NFTs in marketing.

How Did the Campaign Perform?

The campaign results have been overwhelmingly positive. Louis Vuitton is achieving their goal of reaching a younger audience through their mobile game.

Louis: The Game, which is free to download, has had more than two million downloads since its launch. At the same time successfully educated players about the company’s rich history.

The brand’s innovative approach to NFTs has been well-received by players.

Adding ten new NFTs and two new levels have increased the game’s popularity, attracting even more players to participate in the raffle and try to win one of the sought-after NFTs.

If they continue to update, add new content and keep players engaged in the mobile game – Loui Vuitton may have to think about creating a sequel!

What could Louis Vuitton Learn from Other Brand Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Louis Vuitton’sVuitton’s campaign for Louis: The Game is a prime example of how luxury brands can use technology. As well as NFTs to engage with younger audiences and educate them about their brand’sbrand’s history and heritage. 

The success of the game and the addition of the new NFTs are proof of Louis Vuitton’s commitment to innovation. It also positions the brand as a leader in luxury branding.

Louis Vuitton can learn more about other brands like Nike and Adidas. These brands incorporated their marketing campaigns with NFTs and created virtual spaces in the Metaverse.

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