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Listerine Enters the Metaverse To Combat Bad Breath

Listerine’s Breathcalypse campaign shows how hygiene brand can do effective marketing strategy in the Metaverse and reach wider audience.

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Updated: March 14, 2023
Breathcalypse by Listerine

Listerine, a mouthwash and oral care brand, is among the brands demonstrating their gaming expertise by incorporating gaming capabilities into their entertainment and advertising strategies.

 Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, the parent company of Listerine, has recently embraced the Metaverse by launching a game-themed activation for its antiseptic mouthwash brand in Brazil. 

The activation, created by Wunderman Thompson Brazil, features a one-month campaign called ‘Breathcalypse’ in the Metaverse’s city of Complexo.

The open-world game allows users to create their characters, interact with each other and live in a community while fighting bad breath.

Breathcalypse gama by Listerine

The Campaign–to Create a Gaming Experience and Promote Listerine’s Mouthwash Products

The campaign was a joint effort between Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health, Listerine’s parent company, and Wunderman Thompson, Brazil.

The campaign targeted gamers who spend most of their time in the virtual world. Listerine’s Breathcalypse campaign was a Metaverse campaign to promote oral hygiene’s importance in virtual reality.

The idea was to create a gaming experience that was fun, engaging, and informative while also promoting Listerine’s mouthwash products.

The game ‘Breathcalypse’ puts players in a scenario where they wake up with green smoke emanating from their mouths, symbolizing bad breath.

If players interact with others with bad breath, their stress levels gradually increase, leading to blurred vision and eventually causing a bad breath apocalypse.

To combat this, players can search for LISTERINE within the game, available in pharmacies and vending machines throughout the virtual city, and use the product to fight off bad breath and save the Metaverse from the Breathcalypse.

The campaign featured various gaming activations, such as virtual reality, social media challenges, and influencer marketing. Listerine also partnered with gaming platforms and influencers to reach a wider audience.

Breathcalypse by Listerine

How Does This Differ From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Listerine has always been known for its innovative and creative advertising campaigns.

However, the Breathcalypse campaign differed in several ways from the company’s previous campaigns. 

Firstly, the campaign was a Metaverse campaign, which was a new approach for the company.

The campaign was designed to target a specific audience, i.e., gamers, and it was successful in doing so.

The campaign also firmly focused on education and awareness, which was not a primary focus of Listerine’s previous campaigns.

The Breathcalypse campaign was a great example of how Listerine could adapt to the changing marketing landscape and create a successful campaign that resonated with its audience.

Check out Wunderman Thomson Brasil introducing the game

How Did the Campaign Perform?

The Breathcalypse campaign was a massive success for Listerine.

The campaign generated a lot of buzz on social media, and it received positive feedback from gamers and influencers.

The campaign was successful in raising awareness about oral hygiene in the Metaverse, and it also increased Listerine’s brand awareness.

Using the marketing analysis, here is a concise but comprehensive bullet-point analysis of the campaign:

  • The campaign generated good impressions on social media.
  • The campaign received many likes and shares on social media.
  • The Breathcalypse game was downloaded by many.
  • The campaign increased Listerine’s brand awareness.
  • The campaign increased Listerine’s sales.

Here’s what some of the industry experts had to say about the campaign:

“Breathcalypse is a clever campaign that effectively promotes Listerine’s mouthwash products while educating gamers about the importance of oral hygiene.” – Sarah Johnson, Gaming Analyst at Trend Hunter.

Breathcalypse by Listerine

What Could Listerine Learn From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Listerine’s Breathcalypse campaign was a highly successful marketing campaign that effectively used the Metaverse platform to engage with its target audience and drive brand awareness. 

By creating a game that allowed users to fight bad breath in a virtual world, Listerine started an immersive experience that connected with users in a fun and engaging way. 

However, as a Hygiene brand, Listerine could learn more from other brand campaigns in the Metaverse, such as Invisalign.

The brand opened a clinic in Roblox and created an immersive game to promote their invisible braces in the Metaverse.

The Invisalign activation keeps its brand message clear: it comes with a “Drama Free” concept, as there’s only fun in the space.

If Listerine has partnered with a popular Metaverse like the Roblox platform, it could also have a broader audience.

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