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Kohl’s TikTok Marketing Campaign: A Viral Holiday Blitz

Kohl’s holiday marketing campaign for holiday 2022 demonstrated how brands can utilize mobile tactics to reach wider audience.

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Updated: March 26, 2023

Kohl’s, an American retail giant, has been using TikTok, the popular social media platform, to boost its holiday marketing efforts. 

With TikTok’s growing user base, the company has recognized its potential as a powerful marketing tool to target younger demographics. 

Kohl’s TikTok marketing campaign aimed to drive sales during the holiday season, attract a younger audience, and increase brand awareness.

The Campaign–to Promote Kohl’s Deals and Discounts, Increasing Holiday Sales, and Establish the Brand’s Presence on TikTok

As November arrives, the holiday marketing season is about to begin, and Kohl’s campaign reflects the messaging and media tactics retailers will use to attract weary consumers struggling with inflation.

The campaign features vibrant, high-energy advertisements that aim to capture the festive mood, and the promotional focus is firmly on discounts and incentives.

Kohl’s is utilizing its website to promote shoppable influencer gift guides and enlist social media creators to share tips for saving money.

In addition, the retailer is using various features on social media platforms such as TikTok, Pinterest, and Meta Platforms apps to promote discounts and benefits like its Kohl’s Cash program.

The campaign consisted of several initiatives, including:

  • Using bevy mobile tactics to showcase Kohl’s deals during the holiday season. The mobile tactics included shoppable ads, sponsored content, and supported hashtag challenges.
  • A series of prank ads created for Kohl’s and Old Navy went viral on TikTok.
  • The use of Kohl’s Cash, a customer reward program, to engage TikTok users.
  • It responds to an NSFW TikTok video that featured Kohl’s products and the launch of a sponsored hashtag challenge, #kohtag.

The campaign aimed to increase sales during the holiday season, promote Kohl’s deals and discounts, and establish the brand’s presence on TikTok.

How Does This Differ From Other Campaigns the Company Has Done in the Past?

Kohl’s has always been active in its marketing campaigns, but the TikTok campaign differed in several ways.

First, Kohl’s utilized a social media platform that has a younger audience, allowing the company to target a demographic that it may have previously struggled to reach. 

Second, Kohl’s used a more personalized approach, with sponsored content and hashtag challenges, to engage users more intimately and create deeper connection.

Third, Kohl’s marketing campaign utilized mobile tactics and technology, such as shoppable ads, to increase sales and engagement. 

Lastly, the campaign allowed Kohl’s to showcase its fun and playful side, as seen in the prank ads, which helped to humanize the brand and make it more relatable to younger audiences.

Kohl's Tiktok marketing campaign

How Did the Campaign Perform?

Kohl’s TikTok marketing campaign was hugely successful, generating significant engagement, brand awareness, and increased sales. According to marketing analysis, Kohl’s TikTok marketing campaign was successful due to its unique features, including:

  • The use of mobile tactics and sponsored content to engage users.
  • The partnership with TikTok influencers to promote Kohl’s products.
  • The use of Kohl’s Cash to incentivize user engagement.
  • The response to the NSFW TikTok video through the #kohtag challenge.

The campaign’s success can be attributed to Kohl’s ability to tailor its marketing strategy to TikTok’s audience, making it relevant, authentic, and engaging.


What Could Kohl Learn From Other Campaigns?

Kohl’s holiday marketing campaign for holiday 2022 was a great success, focusing on mobile tactics and engagement on TikTok.

The company certainly met its goal of boosting sales during the holiday season, and the use of TikTok as a platform for promotion proved to be highly effective.

Kohl’s willingness to embrace the creativity and humor of TikTok culture allowed them to connect with a younger audience and create a buzz around their brand.

The use of Kohl’s Cash as an incentive also significantly attracted customers and drove sales.

Companies can stay relevant and competitive in the ever-changing marketing world by embracing new trends and platforms.

However, Kohl could learn more if it tries to enter a new area of the marketing landscape which is the Metaverse.

Just like other retail brands such as Game, the retailer company partnered with Roblox and created an immersive game for shoppers to enjoy virtually and promote their Black Friday and Cyber Monday campaign.

Kohl could also learn from Flipkart, a retail company partnered with Edao, a blockchain-based platform, to promote its brand in the Metaverse.

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