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Kinder Joy’s Amedeo Aragona on Creating Traction in the Metaverse

Kinder Joy tapping into Metaverse shows how brands can create an engaging experience for kids.

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Updated: February 28, 2023
Kinder Joy in the Metaverse

Kinder Joy, a global confectionery brand owned by Ferrero, has successfully reached its target audience through various innovative campaigns. Kinder Joy is known for its chocolate eggs with surprise toys inside.

In recent years, Kinder Joy has been exploring new marketing avenues, leveraging the power of technology to engage their young audience.

With a focus on engaging children and their parents, Kinder Joy has employed interactive technologies such as AR and VR and collaborated with popular brands to create unique experiences.

Kinder Joy Natoons

The Campaign– To Introduce Blockchain Technology and NFTs To Children

Kinder Joy has launched a series of campaigns to engage children and their parents. One of the most recent campaigns was the Kinder Joy Natoons Metaverse Safari, launched in partnership with Branded Mini-Games.

The NatOons Metaverse Safari was a virtual world that kids could explore. The Safari was created using the blockchain-based platform Decentraland, and it featured a range of interactive experiences.

Kids could collect digital stickers, play games, and even trade the stickers with other players.

The campaign introduced a virtual world where children could explore different habitats and learn about the animals living in them. Another campaign was the Kinder Joy Natoons, presented through the Metaverse platform.

This campaign aimed to raise children to blockchain technology and NFTs. Which allows them to purchase virtual Natoons with their Kinder Joy codes.

Another campaign Kinder Joy launched in collaboration with KidZania was a Kid-centric experience aimed at driving learning around animals.

Children will have a fun-filled journey to discover and learn about animals through interactive games and activities—the global chain of theme parks designed to promote learning through play.

Kinder Joy created a KidZania experience that was centered around animals. Kids could learn about different animals and their habitats and even participate in a mock safari.

In addition, Kinder Joy introduced an Augmented Reality app, which allowed children to scan the packaging of Kinder Joy products and interact with the animated characters that appeared on the screen.

Kinder Joy

How Does This Differ From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Kinder Joy has been known for its surprise toys, which have always been a big draw for kids. However, with the rise of technology, Kinder Joy has been exploring new ways to engage their young audience.

The company has shifted its focus from traditional retail marketing channels to more interactive and immersive experiences. By collaborating with partners such as KidZania and Gameloft, Kinder Joy has been able to create experiences that are educational and fun.

Kinder Joy has completed a deeper connection with its audience by utilizing interactive technologies such as AR and VR and collaborating with popular brands to create unique experiences.

It also differs from other Metaverse campaigns as it focuses on reaching a broad range of audience which is the children and their parents.

Mother and daughter playing Kinder joy

How Did the Campaign Perform?

Kinder Joy’s campaigns have proven successful in engaging children and their parents. Here is a concise but comprehensive bullet point analysis of the movement:

  • Kinder Joy Natoons Metaverse Safari saw a high engagement rate during the launch.
  • Kinder Joy’s collaboration with Branded Mini-Games saw an excellent conversion rate for the mini-games they created for the campaign.
  • Users downloaded the Augmented Reality app created by Kinder Joy within the first few weeks of its launch.
  • The Kinder Joy Natoons campaign introduced children to blockchain technology, a unique and innovative approach that has received positive feedback from the market.
  • The KidZania campaign created a positive brand association for Kinder Joy as a brand that cares about children’s learning and development.
Kinder Joy Natoons

What Could Kinder Joy Learn From Other Brand Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Kinder Joy has successfully created engaging experiences for kids through innovative marketing campaigns.

By leveraging technology and collaborating with partners, Kinder Joy has reached a wider audience and generated more brand awareness.

It also set itself apart from its competitors and positioned itself as a brand that cares about children’s learning and development.

The company’s commitment to delivering innovative experiences is a testament to its dedication to its young audience.

However, Kinder Joy can learn more from Lego and Epic Games, which plans to create a safer Metaverse for kids.

Kinder Joy could learn more from the Lego campaign to protect children’s right to play by prioritizing safety and well-being.

They were also safeguarding children’s privacy by putting their best interests first. Also empowering children and adults with tools giving them control over their digital experience.

Adding safety and children’s privacy with their learnings while playing can be an advantage for Kinder Joy among its competitors.

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