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Invisalign Opens Virtual Dentist in Roblox

Invisalign’s virtual dental clinic, sited within Roblox’s Livetopia corner. The Metaverse activation proved to be a huge success, attracting more than 2 million users by October.

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Updated: January 3, 2023

In August 2022, Invisalign joined the numerous brands trying there hand at activations in the Metaverse. Like Gucci and Walmart before it, Invisalign launched its own interactive virtual world within Roblox, hoping to take advantage of the digital realm to market its clear retainers.

The Campaign – As Perfectly Aligned as an Invisalign User?

The endeavour is a joint effort by Invisalign and its three collaborators: IF7, Publicis Groupe and Starcom. Together, all four parties created Invisalign’s virtual dental clinic, sited within Roblox’s Livetopia corner. The Metaverse activation proved to be a huge success, attracting more than 2 million users by October.

The Invisalign presence in Roblox’s Livetopia consists of a huge building with a dentist’s office, a football field and a movie theatre. Visitors automatically receive free game uniforms and a personal locker. They can also try their hand at the two games within the building – Movie Night, and The Big Game.

Movie Night challenges players to eat all of the snacks in the theatre. However, they can only do so if they pick Invisalign as a choice. Choosing traditional braces will bar your avatar from consuming the treats. It’s a creative way of showing Invisalign’s one advantage over traditional braces – you don’t have to choose what you eat with the clear aligners.

The Big Game is a football match with a twist. You have to find the path to a touchdown, but you’ll never get there when you pick traditional braces. You can try, but the players will tackle you every time. However, if you choose Invisalign, your avatar gets a buff allowing you to see a clear path to touchdown.

Invislign’s store in Roblox world Livetopia

Goals and Performance Indicators

The campaign is part of Invisalign’s drive to bring to the public consciousness the benefits of removable clear aligners over traditional braces. Align Technology’s chief marketing officer Raj Pudipeddi said that they’re hoping the interactive games will make parents and children alike want to visit a dentist and ask about Invisalign.

Statistics show that the Roblox activation fostered more interest in the clear aligners, with a 13% increase in response after its launch. The simultaneous TikTok campaign launched by the partners also garnered 230,000 unique views as of October, two months after the campaign’s launch.

Additionally, the Invisalign Roblox activation also saw the release of 70,000 uniforms in the same two-month period. While he does not give specific amounts, Pudipeddi indicated that the campaign’s cost was within the “few hundred thousand dollars” range.

See the Invisalign world in action in this video from YouTuber IamAudri

What could Invisalign learn from Other Brand Campaigns in the Metaverse?

The Invisalign activation in Roblox is effective because it keeps it kept its brand messaging clear whilst venturing into a new marketing territory in the Metaverse. The brand stayed true to its “Drama Free” concept – there’s only fun and creativity in the Invisalign Roblox space.

This is similar to the campaign involving Roblox and Gucci, called the Gucci Garden. The Garden showcases Gucci’s creative flair paired with Roblox’s seamless development environment.

As we here at Unlocked Meta add more case studies to our database, we will update this section with richer examples of how this campaign could have been improved.

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