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Hyundai Mobility Adventure in Roblox

Hyundai Mobility Adventure is an excellent campaign from Hyundai to strengthen the virtual customer experience and user familiarization with the brand’s products.

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Updated: January 23, 2023
Hyundai Mobility Adventure in Roblox

At the end of 2021, Hyundai Motor Company launched “Hyundai Mobility Adventure.” It’s a metaverse space on Roblox which features Hyundai Motor’s advanced products and future mobility solutions. It has five themed parks where users can freely move after exploration.

Users can also create avatars, customise their vehicle garage, join social campaigns & much more.

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The Campaign— Build Innovative Relationship With Younger Customers

Hyundai Mobility Adventure is a collaboration between Hyundai and Roblox. It is the first-ever virtual experience in Roblox developed by a global automotive brand showcasing future mobility lifestyles in the Metaverse.

It aims to attract young people familiar with Hyundai Motors products, technologies, brands, and future solutions.

The campaign aims to build innovative relationships with young consumers. The campaign is to strengthen the virtual customer experience content. Also, familiarize them with Hyundai Motor’s newest vehicles and future mobility solutions through Hyundai Mobility Adventure.

It also plans to continue using the metaverse platform to communicate Hyundai Motor’s new cars and future mobility solutions.

In Hyundai Mobility Adventure, there are five themed parks where players can freely move in the virtual space.

1. Festival Square: It’s a main base camp for players to join festivals, celebrations, and vehicle displays and interact with other players after their explorations.

2. Eco-Forest: It is powered by IONIQ, a recreational sphere suit for minimalist and slow living. It is coexisted by eco-friendly mobility technologies with matching fairy tale fantasies.

3. Racing Park: It is powered by N. A racing theme park featuring advanced racing technologies and motorsports available in Hyundai Motors’ high-performance N brads cars that players can experience.

4. Future Mobility City: It is an ultramodern metropolis with Hyundai Motor’s future mobility, solutions, and hydrogen fuel-cell technology, and players can experience it in the game.

5. Smart Tech Campus: It’s a future technology research center, and users can replicate engineers’ experiences and designers in a sophisticated setting.

Aside from the five parks where players can hang out, they can also play games or role-play to accomplish tasks. Players can also create their avatars and upgrade or customize their garages. Also, join several virtual activities while immersing themselves in the Metaverse.

How Did the Campaign Perform?

The result of the campaign is still uncertain, but indeed the open beta service has reached 50 million users in Roblox. Hyundai looks forward to connecting with the younger generation.

Also, the brand aims to nurture long-lasting relationships with fans through virtual experience content.

What could Hyundai Motors Learn from Other Brand Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Like Ralph Lauren and other brands who want to connect with their brand loyalist and younger generation customers, Hyundai’s partnership with Roblox’s goals is the same.

Hyundai Motors created Hyundai Mobility Adventure to strengthen its virtual customer experience content. Also, familiarize itself with Hyundai Motor’s newest vehicles and future mobility solutions.

Hyundai could also learn from the Vans campaign, which has a “Vans World skatepark” in Roblox where players can gather to practice tricks and try virtual gears with four customizable shoe silhouettes.

Both demonstrated how established brand marketers are turning into Metaverse to engage younger consumers and learn from each other’s marketing strategy in the Metaverse space.

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