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Gucci’s Metaverse Vault & Supergucci Campaign

Gucci launching “Vault” and released Supergucci NFT collection with SUPERPLASTIC shows how brands can incorporates traditional elements of fashion in the Metaverse that users can collect.

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Updated: January 29, 2023

Fashion designer Gucci launched an experimental online space called “Vault,” which will act as an online concept store for vintage items such as bags, handkerchiefs, clothing, and home wear.

The launch of “Vault” comes alongside the creation of 10 NFTs in collaboration with global entertainment brand SUPERPLASTIC. The “Supergucci” collection features animal-shaped models covered in iconic Gucci prints.

The Campaign– Gucci Launched “Vault” Metaverse Space with “Supergucci” NFT Collection

The companies involved in this campaign are fashion designer Gucci and the global entertainment brand SUPERPLASTIC.

The campaign aims to utilize a unique online space called “Vault” as an online concept store for vintage items.

The campaign also seeks to create a limited-edition collection of 10 NFTs in collaboration with SUPERPLASTIC. It features animal-shaped models covered in iconic Gucci prints called “Supergucci” collections.

In the three-part series, each of the 10 NTFs has its handcrafted porcelain sculpture combined by SUPERPLASTIC artists Janky and Guggimon with digital style using House’s historic codes.

In the first release, the famous SuperJanky figures ten different whimsical scenarios inspired by Gucci Aria. The collection will be a limited edition, with 250 only being made. 

Every holder of the Supergucci Janky NFT collection will receive a new Gucci Love Parade-inspired Guggimon NFT to complete the set of SUPERPLASTIC’s iconic virtual duo.

Also, a handmade sculpture produced by the Bitossi factory in Italy. However, the collection is available to VIP holders from the first drop; if you want it, you might need to bid some in OpenSea.

The campaign differs from other brands’ campaigns done in the past as it combines the traditional elements of fashion with the new and innovative concept of the Metaverse. The campaign also includes using NFTs, a unique and growing trend in the digital world.

It also consists of a physical component with handmade ceramic sculptures corresponding to each NFT. It adds a unique and valuable aspect to the campaign, which sets it apart from other past campaigns the brands have done.

How Did the Campaign Perform?

The campaign results have been positive, with “Vault” being described as a time machine, an archive, a library, a laboratory, and a meeting place by Gucci.

The first collection of ten NFTs dropped last February 1st, 2022, was available at SUPERPLASTIC.co via Gucci Vault, the House’s platform for objects that defy the confines of time and space through the power of imagination. 

The final installment of the collaborative series, the second drop, has featured the limited Guggimon NFT. It also has handmade ceramic sculptures produced at the Bitossi factory in Italy. Unfortunately, this collection is only available to VIP holders of the first drop.

What Could Gucci & SUPERPLASTIC Learn from Other Brand Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Gucci creating an experimental online space called “Vault,” together with their Supergucci collection with SUPERPLASTIC is unique as it incorporates traditional components of fashion. It made the campaign apart from other brands in the Metaverse and it has been positively accepted by the elite users.

Gucci is one of the trendiest brands keeping in Metaverse that also created Gucci gardens built to engage with their brand loyalist and customers. However, Gucci can learn from other campaigns in Metaverse, such as Ralph Lauren and Hyundai, which aims to build long-lasting relationship with their customers.

With the Metaverse increasing popular concept, it will be fascinating to see how brands will incorporate this technology into their movements in transforming the world.

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