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Ferrari Enters Fortnite

Ferrari collaborating with Fortnite demonstrated how users can own luxury cars even on virtual only.

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Updated: February 28, 2023
Ferrari enters Fortnite

In the world of gaming, collaborations between companies are not uncommon. However, when Epic Games, the creators of the massively popular game Fortnite, teamed up with the luxury car brand Ferrari.

The partnership is a highly realistic model of the Ferrari 296 GTB sports car. The car, which will be available for players to use in the game, is expected to be one of the most visually impressive items in Fortnite.

Epic Games is known for its attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality graphics and gameplay.

The company has spared no expense in creating a truly impressive model of the Ferrari 296 GTB, working closely with Ferrari to ensure that every detail is accurate and visually stunning.

Ferrari car in Fortnite

The Campaign–to Reach a New Audience and Add Realism to the Game

The campaign is a joint effort between Epic Games and Ferrari to add the Ferrari 296 GTB, a highly realistic and drivable Ferrari, to the game. Players could participate in a time trial challenge using the car, which was an integral part of the campaign. 

The aim was to get the fastest time possible at the various time trial locations scattered around the game’s virtual world. One of the Epic Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 requires players to complete the Ferrari 296 GTB time trials.

This challenge is only available during Week 7 of the season, alongside other epic quests such as defeating Riot.

To complete this challenge, players must obtain the Ferrari car within the game and complete a short race circuit in a limited time.

While there are three possible starting points for the race, completing the challenge while navigating through the chaos of the battle royale, gameplay can be challenging.

Fortnite has introduced a new time-based event featuring the Ferrari 296 GTB. It’s a refreshing change from weeks of alien invasion-focused gameplay. The event promises to be an enjoyable addition to the game.

However, obtaining a Ferrari car is challenging, especially when playing alone. Other players will also compete to complete the quest, creating a first-come, first-served scenario that quickly becomes competitive.

This campaign was an exciting opportunity for Ferrari to reach a new audience. Also for Epic Games to add an element of realism to the game.

By offering players the chance to drive an iconic car, the partnership generated interest among both gaming and car enthusiasts.

Ferrari car with user's avatar

How Does This Differ From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Epic Games is known for its innovative and exciting marketing campaigns that appeal to its younger audience.

The partnership with Ferrari is a departure from its typical approach. It has seen collaborations with the likes of Marvel and DC Comics. 

This campaign offered something new to Fortnite players. It also shows that Epic Games is willing to take risks and try new things to keep its audience engaged.

By teaming up with Ferrari, Epic Games created a sense of exclusivity and luxury unique to this campaign.

It also differs from other campaigns in the Metaverse as it lets the users have their own Ferrari even just in the virtual world. Owning a luxurious car in the virtual world seems exciting even without having it in real life.

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How Did the Campaign Perform?

The campaign received positive feedback from gamers, car enthusiasts, and the press.

Here is a comprehensive analysis of the campaign based on the marketing analysis:

  • The campaign generated significant interest in the gaming community, resulting in millions of players attempting the time trial challenge.
  •  Adding the Ferrari to the game increased the number of players. It also makes Fortnite one of the most popular games of 2021.
  •  The campaign was widely covered in the press, generating considerable media coverage for both Epic Games and Ferrari. 
  • The partnership between Ferrari and Epic Games led to increased brand awareness. As well as exposure for both companies, especially among a younger demographic.
  • Here are some quotes from various sources that showcase the campaign’s success:
  • “Including the Ferrari in Fortnite is a stroke of marketing genius that benefits both companies.” – VentureBeat.
  •  “This collaboration shows that even the biggest brands can appeal to a younger demographic in a fun and engaging way.” – Eurogamer.
  • “The Ferrari and Fortnite campaign was a massive hit, with players of all ages enjoying the challenges and experiencing the thrill of driving an iconic car.” – Jaxon. gg.
Ferrari car

\What Could Ferrari Learn From Other Brand Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Fortnite and Ferrari’s campaign was a resounding success, generating significant interest and exposure for both companies.

The campaign was a masterclass in collaboration, showcasing the power of partnering with another brand to create something unique and engaging. 

The partnership was not only a victory for Fortnite and Ferrari but also showcased the potential for collaborations between the gaming and automotive industries

However, Ferrari could learn more from other brand campaigns in the Metaverse, such as Hyundai. The brand created its virtual space, packed with exciting games in Roblox called Hyundai Mobility Adventure.

It made the users test out and explore the brand car models while enjoying the game. Ferrari could have the same strategy, making the brand enthusiast stay as the Hyundai space will last longer, not just for weeks or so.

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