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Cult & Rain: Pushing the Boundaries of Digital Fashion with Metaverse Shopping

Cult & Rain’s Metaverse shopping and e-commerce platform campaign demonstrated how brand can promote through innovative shopping experience.

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Updated: April 10, 2023
Cult & Rain in Metaverse

Cult & Rain is a US-based digital fashion brand that recently launched its Metaverse shopping and e-commerce platform, providing a new shopping experience to its customers.

CULT&RAIN is a fashion brand that exudes luxury born from the Web3 movement. 

After the successful launch of their CULTR WORLD experience in July 2022, the brand continues to innovate by creating a never-before-seen Metaverse shopping experience.

Within the CULTR WORLD Metaverse, customers can purchase physical goods and digital collections within a dedicated area known as the CULTR SHOP.

The Campaign– To Promote the New Metaverse Shopping and E-commerce Platform by Cult & Rain

The campaign was launched to promote the new Metaverse shopping and e-commerce platform by Cult & Rain.

The campaign aimed to provide its customers with innovative and interactive shopping experiments.

The platform offers its customers a virtual reality shopping experience, enabling them to shop for digital fashion products.

The company’s primary target audience was young adults interested in fashion and technology.

The CULTR WORLD experience is accessible through web browsers and mobile devices, and its simplicity makes it easy to navigate.

Following a direct link, users can enter CULTR WORLD and choose a unique avatar before entering the virtual store.

Once inside, users can purchase CULT&RAIN’s CORE COLLECTION physical sneakers and NFTs from the GENESIS and DROP 001 collections.

Notably, CULT&RAIN customers will be among the first to purchase physical goods and check out inside the CULTR SHOP.

This intuitive and innovative experience showcases CULT&RAIN’s incredible pipeline of innovation.

Along with physical sneakers, collectors can purchase additional NFTs from the GENESIS and DROP 001 collections on the OpenSea marketplace within the CULTR SHOP.

For those who prefer a more traditional shopping experience, CULT&RAIN has also launched a conventional e-commerce platform where users can purchase items from the CORE COLLECTION.

This modern, clean, intuitive shopping experience will allow users to transact seamlessly on the cultandrain.com website.

The campaign involved several marketing strategies, including social media, influencers such as TEFLON SEGA, and email marketing.

Cult & Rain collaborated with several influencers to promote their new platform, who shared their shopping experiences in the Metaverse store.

The company also sent personalized emails to its subscribers, notifying them of the new platform’s launch.

Cult & Rain in Metaverse

How Does This Differ From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Cult & Rain has a history of launching innovative campaigns to promote its brand and products.

However, the Metaverse shopping platform campaign is unique and different from the previous marketing campaigns the company has undertaken. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The Metaverse shopping platform is an entirely new concept that the brand has never done before.
  • The campaign focused on promoting digital fashion products, a new category of products for the company.
  • The campaign targeted a specific audience, i.e., young adults interested in fashion and technology, which differs from the company’s previous campaigns.
Cult & Rain in Metaverse

How Did the Campaign Perform?

The campaign successfully attracted a considerable amount of attention from the target audience.

Cult & Rain’s Metaverse shopping platform received extensive coverage in various media outlets, including PR Newswire, WFMZ, and Hypemoon.

Here is a concise but comprehensive bullet-point analysis of the campaign’s performance:

  • The campaign increased the company’s website traffic.
  • The platform recorded many sign-ups within the first month of launch.
  • The company’s social media engagement increased.
  • The campaign generated an increase in the company’s revenue.

According to the CEO of Cult & Rain, “The response from our customers has been overwhelming. We are thrilled that our customers are enjoying the new shopping experience and appreciate the efforts we have put into developing the Metaverse shopping platform.”

Cult & Rain in Metaverse

What Could Cult & Rain Learn From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Cult & Rain’s Metaverse shopping and e-commerce platform campaign successfully promoted the company’s new platform and provided an innovative shopping experience to its customers.

The campaign’s unique approach and focus on digital fashion products and young adults have differentiated it from the company’s previous campaigns. 

However, Cult & Rain could learn more from other campaigns in the Metaverse, such as Gucci and Lacoste.

These brands successfully launch their virtual shop to give users a seamless shopping experience.

Also, the products at virtual shops are available in their real store to cater to those customers who prefer traditional shopping.

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