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Burberry’s Gamified Collaboration with Minecraft

Burberry x Minecraft campaign is another testament that fashion and gaming is a perfect collaboration to give customers an immersive experience.

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Updated: March 14, 2023
Burberry x Minecraft

Burberry, a British luxury fashion house, has partnered with Minecraft, a popular video game, to launch an innovative in-game experience and a collection of virtual items.

It features a video game with pixelated building blocks that enable players to fashion their virtual universe. 

Burberry and its partner are introducing “Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond,” a collaboration that features free downloadable content that embodies the brand’s love for nature.

The DLC will enable players to explore an alternative version of London, where they are responsible for reviving “the spirit of the wild.”

Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond game

The Campaign–to Increase Burberry’s Brand Awareness Among Younger Audiences Through Gamification

Burberry collaborated with Minecraft to launch a bespoke in-game adventure and a unique collection of virtual items.

The in-game adventure, called “Burberry: Freedom to Go Beyond,” features a custom-built world in that players can explore, complete challenges, and unlock Burberry-themed rewards.

The virtual items, which include a hoodie, a baseball cap, and a digital version of Burberry’s signature scarf, can be purchased in the game’s marketplace.

The partnership included organizing real-life events, such as pop-up stores and a fashion show in Minecraft. Also, creating a unique capsule collection that players can purchase digitally within the game or at seven different global locations.

These locations comprise Spring Street in New York, Shenzhen Bay in China, Regent Street in London, Omotesando in Tokyo, Cheongdam-dong Seoul in South Korea, Taipei 101 in China Area, and Siam Paragon in Thailand.

The campaign targeted younger audiences more likely to play video games and participate in virtual reality experiences.

Burberry wants to increase brand awareness among younger audiences more likely to engage with digital content. Also, to generate buzz and social media engagement through the gamification of the brand.

As well as promote the collection of virtual items and drive sales through the in-game marketplace.

Burberry and Minecraft also partner to donate $100,000 to Conservation International’s forest protection and restoration programs in addition to their latest collaboration.

The funding will help safeguard 500,000 trees and plant 25,000 new ones. It will preserve wildlife habitats and provide them with a conducive environment to thrive.

Until the end of the year, Conservation International donors will receive a QR code that grants access to a Burberry character creator pack featuring five in-game accessories.

Burberry x Minecraft

How Does This Differ From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

Burberry has a history of innovative marketing campaigns that use technology to engage with audiences.

For example, in 2016, Burberry used Snapchat to launch its new collection. Which allows users to view and purchase items directly from the app.

However, the collaboration with Minecraft is different from previous campaigns in several ways:

  • It is Burberry’s first collaboration with a video game.
  • It is Burberry’s first creation of a bespoke virtual world for a marketing campaign.
  • It is Burberry’s first foray into gamification as a marketing strategy.
  • It is a more targeted campaign focusing on engaging younger audiences through a specific platform (Minecraft).

How Did the Campaign Perform?

The campaign was received positively by both Burberry’s fans and Minecraft players.

According to Burberry’s CEO, Marco Gobbetti, the collaboration “unlocked a new level of creativity and innovation for Burberry.”

The campaign generated significant media coverage and social media engagement.

According to the marketing analysis of the campaign, here are some of Burberry’s gamified collaboration results with Minecraft:

  • Innovative use of gamification to engage with younger audiences.
  • Strong alignment between the campaign’s objectives and Burberry’s business goals.
  • Effective integration of virtual and real-life experiences to create a cohesive campaign.
  • Significant media coverage and social media engagement.

What Could Burberry Learn From Other Campaigns in the Metaverse?

The Burberry x Minecraft campaign was a successful marketing strategy. It utilized a new and innovative way of reaching younger audiences through gaming.

By creating an immersive in-game experience, Burberry was able to engage with its target audience. Also, create a more substantial brand presence in the gaming community.

Although it is not the first foray of Burberry into the Metaverse, it has already partnered with Honor of Kings and created two skins for Yao’s character.

Burberry also collaborated with Mythical Games to introduce an NFT collection on their multiplayer game, Blankos Block Party.

As Burberry strives for broader recognition in the gaming industry, further collaborations in gaming are on the horizon.

However, as a fashion brand, Burberry could learn more from leading brand campaigns in the Metaverse, such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Vans, and Forever21.

These brands have the same concept in reaching younger demographics by partnering with Roblox and creating an immersive game where users can style their avatars with the brand merchandise available in the virtual shop.

Or Burberry could learn from Loewe also recently partnered with Minecraft to showcase a collection of T-shirts, trousers, and hoodies at Loewe during Paris Fashion Week, which was inspired by pixels and paid homage to the popular game.

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