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Adidas Breaks Traditional Campaigns with Virtual Gear Launch and NFT Collection in the Metaverse

Adidas launching Virtual Gear ushers new era of virtual reality. A game changer for brand’s innovative approach.

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Updated: February 19, 2023

As the Metaverse gains traction, Adidas is diving headfirst into this new frontier and launched a new product category for virtual gear. It is a significant step forward in the company’s “community-based, member-first, open metaverse strategy.” 

The new product category comes with the release of the company’s first non-fungible token (NFT) collection of virtual wearables, the Adidas Originals collection.  

The creation of this new product category marks a significant step for Adidas. As it accelerates its “community-based, member-first, open metaverse strategy.”

The Campaign–To Establish Adidas as a Leader in the Virtual Goods Market

The virtual wearables in the collection come from a collaboration between Adidas and other key players in the NFT market, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Gmoney, and Punks Comics.

In contrast, the new product launched, which is the virtual gear, is an Adidas-exclusive campaign.  

The new product launched category for virtual gear and the release of Adidas NFT Originals is a significant milestone for the brand.

The purpose of the campaign is to make Adidas the forefront of the Metaverse. Also to lead the way in the virtual reality market.

By launching a new product category for virtual gear and releasing the Adidas Originals NFT collection, the company hopes to engage its community and provide tangible value to its members. 

The brand also intends to explore every viable utility and platform. Also, experience within Web3 to unlock new possibilities for its wearables.

Additionally, Adidas hopes to serve its community, benefit value creators, and support the diversity of expression and utility that the Metaverse offers.

Adidas has always been a brand that pushes boundaries and explores new frontiers. Launching the new product category for virtual gear and the NFT collection is a major departure from its traditional campaigns.

It marks a major step forward for the company in its push into the Metaverse. Also, the virtual goods market sets it apart as a leader in this space.

This campaign departs from traditional Adidas, which typically focuses on physical products. The Virtual Gear launch is a bold move for the brand. Embracing the virtual reality market and setting itself apart from other brands.

How Did the Campaign Perform?

With the launch of the new product category and the NFT collection, Adidas made a significant statement in the virtual goods market.

The company’s commitment to the Metaverse and creating a new product category dedicated to virtual goods sets it apart as a leader in this space. 

The Adidas Virtual Gear results launch has been very positive. The company received much attention and praise for its innovative approach.

The limited-edition NFT wearables have been well received by customers and are available for purchase across “relevant NFT marketplaces.” 

Furthermore, the launch of the Virtual Gear product category has cemented Adidas’ position as a virtual reality market leader. The company intends to continue exploring and pushing the boundaries of what is possible within this new and exciting space.

What could Adidas Learn from Other Brand Campaigns in the Metaverse?

The Adidas Virtual Gear launched campaign is a game-changer for the brand. As it ushers in a new era of virtual reality and positions Adidas as a leader in the Metaverse.

With its commitment to the Metaverse and its innovative approach, there is no doubt that Adidas is paving the way for the future of virtual goods.

Along with the release of the Adidas Originals NFT collection, the brand sets apart as a leader in virtual goods. However, Adidas could learn more from other brands like Nike, which created Nikeland, Ralph Lauren with Winter Escape, and Gucci with Gucci Town.

These brands can learn from each other’s marketing campaigns. In order t keep their brand fans coming back as they create virtual spaces and build community.

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