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Cannaland – Cannabis in the Metaverse

Legal cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries. Cannaverse’s plans to foster further growth by launching a Metaverse for the niche.

Updated: April 10, 2023

The Metaverse has already disrupted various industries even before it has fully taken shape. Its all-encompassing effects promise many benefits that each niche should fully take advantage of, even at this early stage of the technology’s development.

That’s why there are numerous brands in the Metaverse. These include the South Korean automobile manufacturer Hyundai, which had recently launched an activation in Roblox.

The cannabis industry has every reason to jump on the bandwagon in this case. Statistics suggest that sales of legalized herbs will hit $50 billion in the United States alone in 2025. By 2030, McKinley states, the global market could even be worth $5 trillion! 

Why the Cannabis Movement Should Take Advantage of the Metaverse or Web3

The cannabis movement faces many challenges in furthering its cause, including social stigma, lack of research, and regulatory hurdles. 

For example, the classification of cannabis as a Schedule I drug has limited scientific research, making it difficult to educate the public about its medical benefits. Additionally, despite being legalized in many states in the US, there is still a negative perception of cannabis due to decades of anti-drug propaganda.

The Metaverse offers a solution to many of these issues by providing a virtual space for cannabis advocacy and education. The Metaverse also offers a platform for activism and advocacy, bringing together individuals and organizations to mobilize support for legalization and regulation.

How the Metaverse Can Raise Awareness for Cannabis Benefits

Like the Internet, the Metaverse can act as a platform to raise awareness about various advocacies. Of course, the cannabis movement is not an exception. In fact, it is one of the sectors that can benefit the most from the capabilities of the Metaverse in the future.

For instance, through virtual reality, individuals can experience and learn about the plant in a safe and controlled environment. For example, a virtual cannabis farm tour can educate people about the cultivation process, from seed to harvest, and promote sustainable growing practices. 

The Metaverse can also be a venue for virtual events and demonstrations that can promote the therapeutic benefits of cannabis while dispelling misconceptions and stereotypes. 

In other words, the Metaverse will make possible a less expensive method of exposing individuals to the topic in the comfort of their own classrooms, homes, and offices. By providing an immersive and interactive space, the Metaverse can help build a more informed and accepting society around cannabis use.

Because of these benefits, it’s not a surprise that two companies – Cannaverse Technologies and Pax.World – have teamed up to create Cannaland. 

What is Cannaland?

Cannaland is a virtual platform within the Metaverse that is dedicated to supporting the cannabis industry. As a digital marketplace, Cannaland also aims to revolutionize the way the cannabis industry operates by providing a space for virtual events, virtual dispensaries, and other virtual experiences related to cannabis.

Aside from raising awareness, Cannaland also aims to promote regulations and transparency in the cannabis industry. This is important, especially to dispel the misconceptions that cannabis is a dangerous and unlawful substance. 

For proponents, this flawed perception of the plant takes people away from seeing the benefits of medicinal cannabis, to their disadvantage.

Who Is Behind Cannaland? 

Cannaland, an upcoming platform within the Metaverse, is the brainchild of a talented and passionate team of tech experts, cannabis industry veterans, and advocates for legalization. This team combines each member’s expertise in virtual environments, blockchain technology, and the cannabis industry to push their agenda forward through the Metaverse.

Matthew Morgan

Matthew Morgan leads the team as the founder of Cannaverse. Before this company, Mr. Morgan had worked with cannabis-related firms as co-founder. These include Green Axis Capital, Ignite Cannabis Co. and Reef Dispensaries. 

The sector recognizes Mr. Morgan as a thought leader, and this influence appears poised to lead Cannaverse to success. In addition, Cannaverse’s founder has also built a name for himself as an expert at achieving unprecedented growth to fledgling companies at a short period of time.

Mark Bonner

Mr. Bonner is Cannaverse’s chief executive officer or CEO. Mark Bonner has been in the business of providing micro-financing to small and medium enterprises that other banks view as unprofitable since 1996. 

Since then, he has founded numerous companies in the financial, technology, and alternative energy niches. Mr. Bonner is an influencer in his own right, being considered an authority in Europe for the technology sector. He has even spearheaded technological projects in the United Kingdom and Denmark, among others.

Jack Smies

Mr. Smies is a true expert when it comes to working with brand-new technologies like mobile telecommunications, web development, artificial intelligence and, of course, the blockchains that power cryptocurrency.

Speaking of cryptocurrency, Cannaverse’s chief technological officer is also an avid fan of Bitcoin, having invested in the currency since 2011.

Among the feathers in Jack’s cap Elephantthink. Elephantthink specializes in providing customized tech solutions, with a focus on AI, to businesses in various sectors. Among these solutions are software development, data analysis, and cloud migration. 

In other words, Elephantthink helps companies grow by leveraging the benefits that current technology can bring to their organizations. Mr. Smies brings these same benefits to Cannaverse and, in the future, Cannaland.

Adam Hill

Building a brand up from scratch is a Herculean task, but one in that Adam Hill excels. With more than 25 years of experience behind him, Mr. Hill is the ideal person to help advertise the advocacy that Cannaverse is working hard to promote on the Metaverse.

Cannaverse’s Chief Marketing Officer has worked with several companies in the financial sector, including those that have been built on top of the blockchain technology that cryptocurrency has pioneered. 

Aside from marketing, Mr. Hill has also specialized in developing strategies that align with his previous organization’s visions and goals and has worked with creative departments as well as back- and front-end development teams.

Cannaverse’s Plans for Cannaland

Cannaverse’s top brass are confident that their Metaverse will bring a level of awareness, acceptance, and anonymity to the cannabis industry.

Speaking to The Drum, founder Morgan said that the Cannaland can provide an environment that’s conducive both to e-commerce and education. For instance, he said, people who want to purchase cannabis but are concerned about their identities and personal images can shop in total anonymity at any of the online stores in Cannaland.

Morgan also said that there are various events planned for the future. All of these occasions are geared towards educating the general public about cannabis and undoing the damage that anti-drug regulations have inflicted upon the plant.

Lastly, the Cannaland visionary also expressed intent to create his token for their Metaverse. Morgan calls this coin Canna and envisions a use similar to how Decentraland utilizes its Mana crypto.


As a fast-growing industry, the cannabis niche would do well to take advantage of what the Metaverse has to offer. Theoretically, there’ll be a marketplace where everyone can purchase their hemp and cannabis products in full anonymity. 

The Metaverse can also double as a marketing platform that can help raise awareness of the benefits of cannabis to general health. Much of these benefits, supporters claim, have been overshadowed by what they describe as anti-drug propaganda. Thus, several people have missed out on these therapeutic advantages that the plant can bring.

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