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Brands That are in the Metaverse 2023

Brands are the first entities to populate the Metaverse. Find out which ones are already in the Metaverse!

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Updated: February 4, 2023

When something as exciting as the Metaverse comes into play, retail brands and companies are the first entities to go to the party. Aside from financial institutions, these are the only personalities with enough dough to invest and fuel the growth of nascent concepts such as the Metaverse.

That’s exactly what’s happening right now – big brands are scrambling to establish a presence in the virtual space ahead of everybody else. That’s not bad; it simply means that the consumer can look forward to several exciting things when the Metaverse fully kicks off!

So, which brands have already entrenched themselves in the Metaverse? What are they currently offering its earliest users? Let’s list some of these brands and discuss their Metaverse presence.


If you’re a decades-old company and want to reach younger audiences, your best move is to leverage technology. Walmart’s current executive team apparently agrees that the best venue to engage the newest generation of consumers is the Metaverse.

Hence, Walmart unveiled not one but two Metaverse experiences for its existing and potential customers. Both of these experiences are hosted in Roblox, one of the market’s oldest and most popular virtual worlds today. The retail chain called these offerings the Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of Play and launched these in the last week of September 2022.

The retailer said they’re utilizing the Roblox platform as a testing ground for future Metaverse offerings. There is yet no monetization feature in either of the two experiences, and users are limited to buying virtual items using Roblox’s in-game currency. However, Walmart has already applied for trademarks covering virtual goods, cryptocurrency, and non-fungible tokens.


Samsung is one of those companies that have not just built a Metaverse presence but is actively working on expanding it. Samsung began with the Samsung 837X, a vast estate in the Decentraland network that is a replica of the tech giant’s New York headquarters.

Samsung 837X allowed Internet users to explore the company’s US headquarters without physically traveling to New York. It also acted as Samsung’s venue for numerous virtual events in the past, including the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S22 last year. Currently, the South Korean electronics firm uses the virtual property to host NFTs and make them available for purchasers to interested investors.

However, Samsung did not just stop with the Decentraland investment. Like Walmart, Samsung also partnered with Roblox for a digital event on the game’s servers. Dubbed “Samsung Superstar Galaxy,” the event is currently ongoing and has given out numerous prizes to Roblox players who managed to complete pre-set objectives.

Last but not least, Samsung has also created an exclusive server on Discord. This Discord server is described as a “connection hub” for people from all walks of life who are interested in Samsung products.

Samsung in the MEtaverse


One of the world’s oldest and most prominent companies, Disney’s decision to adopt measures that would lead to a presence in the Metaverse is unsurprising. In fact, it makes sense that it will want to leverage the power of what is now called Web 3.0 to keep itself in front of its audiences.

The entertainment conglomerate is working hard to drop its own anchor in the virtual space. This year, Disney inducted six firms into the Accelerator Program that all specialize in fields related to the Metaverse. These companies include Polygon, the company that produced the blockchain that lowered transaction rates in the Ethereum network while raising the processing speed.

As members of the Accelerator Program, they could receive funding from Disney to introduce further innovation in their chosen fields. They can also become business partners with Disney – meaning they could help the House of Mouse develop Metaverse-related offerings and systems.

Aside from the 2022 inductees to the Accelerator Program, Disney also published a job posting looking for a Principal Counsel. The job description is basically that of a legal counsel focusing on a specific field. This Principal Counsel must thoroughly understand cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens, which says very much about Disney’s interests and intentions on the matter.


Microsoft was not just interested in gaming when it bought Activision Blizzard and numerous other franchises. According to the tech giant, acquiring gaming assets was just the start of its journey into the Metaverse.

Not surprisingly, Microsoft is determined to take a different approach to building a Metaverse from what other companies, particularly Facebook, are going with. According to one of its Vice Presidents, Alysa Taylor, Microsoft wants to create a link between the virtual and the natural worlds in the context of employment.

Enter Microsoft’s Metaverse portal – Teams! The collaboration tool now has a new feature, Mesh, which allows users to create their avatars and use them to attend virtual meetings. A full suite of customization options is available, and all that stands in the user’s way is their creativity. These avatars can be used during virtual meetings and imitate body movements via the camera.

Microsoft’s VP for teams, Nicole Herskowitz, said that the Microsoft version of the Metaverse can combine the convenience of remote working and the connection that face-to-face meetings can build.


Like Walmart, fashion giant Gucci partnered with Roblox to create a presence in the booming virtual world. This collaboration gave birth to what is now known as Gucci Garden, an expansive space within the Roblox universe.

The Gucci Garden provides a uniquely immersive experience for visitors. Although embedded with the Roblox world, all users who enter the Garden will lose their pre-set avatars. Instead, they become mannequins with no adornments or accessories. However, these sprites gradually gain features as they go through the Garden’s different rooms.

The investment coincides with another important milestone for the brand – its 100th anniversary. Gucci Garden rolled out in May of 2021. Not long after, they released a virtual version of its Dionysus bag. The high-end apparel sold out for more than $4,000!

Gucci also expanded its Metaverse presence by purchasing real estate from The Sandbox. This property, known as the Gucci Vault, is intended for shopping in the future and for hosting more NFTs.


The Metaverse is conceptually exciting, which makes these brands’ decisions to invest heavily in the technology theoretically sound and potentially rewarding. These actions by some of the world’s largest brands and companies also show what kind of virtual reality end users can expect to encounter when these projects get off the ground.

We live in extraordinary times, and it pays to keep ourselves posted on any developments, particularly in the Metaverse. Feel free to follow us as we dive into the Metaverse and try to unlock what it has in store for us!  

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