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19 Best AI Writing Tools December 2023

Explore the top AI writing tools that will revolutionize content creation in 2023. From copywriting to content optimization, these tools have it all.

Updated: December 21, 2023
Best AI Writing Tools

Content creation has become a crucial aspect of business and marketing in today’s digital age. However, only some have the time, skills, or resources to create high-quality content consistently.

It is where AI writing tools come in handy, providing a solution for automating content creation.

With natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning advancements, these tools can generate grammatically correct, engaging, and informative content. 

This article will discuss the best AI writing tools available in the market, their features, and how they can benefit content creators. So let’s explore the top AI writing tools and enhance your content creation process.

19 Best AI Writing Tools in 2023

Here are the top writing tools we recommend that you can choose from:

1. Jasper


Jasper AI is an AI writing tool that has revolutionized how we create content.

It previously known as Jarvis, is one of the top leaders in AI writing software tools. It has acquired other writing software tools such as Headlime and Shortly AI.

If you struggle to find the right words or come up with ideas for your content, then Jasper AI can be beneficial. It’s perfect for content creators, bloggers, marketers, etc.

Users can benefit from Jasper AI by quickly generating content for various forms, such as blogs, articles, books, scripts, and more.

Select your topic and format, input the necessary details, and Jasper will write for you. While the generated content may not always be of the highest quality, it can be a helpful tool for overcoming writer’s block. 

The tool has features that make it stand out from its competitors. It can generate new ideas for your content, create outlines, and even write complete articles.

You can also choose the style and tone of your writing to match your audience or brand. 

The pricing for Jasper AI varies depending on the plan you choose. The basic plan starts at $49 per month and includes unlimited usage.

The professional plan is $125 monthly and includes additional features such as advanced analytics and a dedicated account manager.

Jasper AI is an unconventional writing tool that can benefit anyone who needs to produce written content quickly and efficiently.

With its advanced features and affordable pricing, it’s no wonder that Jasper AI is becoming one of the most popular AI writing tools on the market. 

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2. Writesonic


Writesonic is an AI writing tool designed to help content creators generate high-quality content quickly. 

It can benefit users by saving time and effort. It leverages the power of artificial intelligence; the tool can quickly generate well-written, engaging, and relevant content for the target audience. 

Some of the features of Writesonic include the ability to generate blog posts, social media content, product descriptions, and compelling ads.

It uses machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to analyze the user’s input and generate content tailored to their specific needs.

Users can also customize their content’s tone, style, and structure to match their brand and voice.

The pricing of Writesonic is based on a subscription model, with plans starting at $19 per month for the basic package.

It also has a free trial with 10,000-word limits, so you can test it before committing to the subscription plan.

 Writesonic is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to make high-quality content quickly and easily.

With its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and affordable pricing, Writesonic is an excellent choice for writers, businesses, and marketers who wants to streamline their content creation process.

3. Scalenut


Scalenut is a potent AI writing solution catering to freelancers and professional writers.

The platform leverages AI technology to assist in content creation, uncover new topics and subtopics, and optimize your content for maximum engagement.

Scalenut has proven to be an affordable choice, offering an extensive feature set. The free trial lets you test its functionality without financial commitment.

Scalenut showcases its power during this trial, boasting over 40 AI tools, SEO reports, and quick content creation from scratch.

Its versatility extends to various content types, making it ideal for books, emails, blog posts, and even plagiarism-free social media content.

The platform’s SEO Assistant and AI Writer are a potent combination, letting you create lengthy articles and blog posts while also offering new content ideas to keep your website active. 

The pricing begins at $39 per month for the Individual plan, including up to 100,000 AI words, 5 SEO reports, and round-the-clock support. 

Scalenut’s reputable clientele, including Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe, and Nvidia, speaks volumes about its capabilities.

However, the platform’s templates aren’t customizable and generated content quality might not always meet high standards.

Scalenut is a solid choice for individuals and freelancers seeking an affordable yet powerful AI writing tool

4. Ink For All

Ink for All

Ink For All is an AI-powered writing assistant with various features to help users improve their writing.

The tool uses machine learning to analyze users’ writing and provide suggestions for improvement in grammar, sentence structure, and readability.

It can benefit users by helping them improve their writing skills and make their writing more effective.

The tool offers suggestions for improvements in real-time as users type, making it easy for them to see where they can improve and make changes.

It is helpful for those who need help with grammar or sentence structure, as the tool can catch mistakes that might have gone unnoticed.

Some of Ink for All features are paraphrasing, which benefits users by helping them improve their writing quality.

It also has an AI writer bot of Ink for All that can rephrase text to make it more precise, concise, and engaging, saving the user time and effort in the writing process.

Ink for All’s team management feature is another benefit for users. It allows multiple users to collaborate on a single project, streamlining the content creation process.

The headline optimizer feature of Ink for All helps users to create engaging headlines that attract readers’ attention. 

Ink For All pricing varies depending on subscription plans.

The paid version costs $49 per month and offers additional features such as a readability score and personalized writing goals. However, it does not have any free plans.

Overall, Ink For All is a helpful tool for anyone needed to improve their writing skills. Its real-time suggestions and variety of features make it an excellent option for writers of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals.

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5. CopyAI


CopyAI is an automated creativity tool designed to eradicate writer’s block. 

It can benefit users in many ways. CopyAI has recently introduced a long-form document editor enabling you to centralize and work on all your ideas seamlessly.

In addition, its product description workflow provides useful AI-driven writing insights and concepts to assist you in creating compelling content.

One of the main features of CopyAI is its ability to produce high-quality, SEO-friendly content.

The tool is trained on a vast dataset of writing samples and uses natural language processing (NLP) techniques to generate content that is both informative and engaging.

CopyAI also helps users focus on their target audience by providing AI-generated suggestions and ideas tailored to their specific audience.

CopyAI offers a pricing range of plans to suit different budgets and needs. The Starter plan costs $49 per month and $36 monthly if you avail yearly subscription. It has a free plan with limited words, up to 2,000 words per month.

CopyAI is an excellent tool for content creators who needs to streamline their writing process and improve the quality of their content.

With its powerful AI technology and user-friendly interface, CopyAI can help writers create engaging, high-quality content in minutes, ultimately saving time and increasing productivity.

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6. Anyword


Anyword leverages the power of AI to produce highly compelling content for your website or blog, utilizing both copywriting and content writer AI.

It can benefit users in many ways. If you want predictable outcomes from your content marketing, then Anyword can help.

This AI writing software can help you achieve more conversions, traffic, or engagement. 

Anyword’s main features include:

  • A content idea generator.
  • A headline analyzer.
  • Also, a language model that generates complete sentences and paragraphs based on user inputs.

It also utilizes predictive analytics, enabling you to comprehend your target audience better and create content that caters to their interests.

Anyword’s pricing is based on a subscription model.

The Basic plan starts at $49 per month and includes access to all features except the language model. However, it doesn’t have free plans at all.

Anyword is a valuable tool for content creators who needs to improve their writing skills and productivity.

The tool’s AI algorithms and real-time feedback can help users create high-quality content that resonates with their target audience. 

7. Wordtune


Wordtune is an AI-powered writing tool that assists users in refining their writing style, tone, and overall clarity developed by AI21 Labs. 

It is a handy service for anyone looking to improve their writing skills. The tool benefits those who want to ensure their writing is clear, concise, and engaging.

Using Wordtune, users can quickly refine their writing style to ensure it is appropriate for the intended audience and purpose.

One of the standout features of Wordtune is its ability to offer suggestions for different word choices and sentence structures.

Users can choose from several options provided by the AI, helping them to create effective and unique sentences.

Additionally, Wordtune can also be used to help with proofreading, offering suggestions for grammatical corrections and misspellings.

Wordtune offers a variety of pricing options, including a free version with limited features and a premium version with more advanced tools. The premium version costs $24.99 per month.

Wordtune is an excellent writing tool for anyone looking to improve their writing skills.

With its AI-powered suggestions and valuable features, it can help users to refine their writing style and create content that is clear, engaging, and effective.

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8. AI Writer

AI Writer

AI Writer is an AI-powered writing tool that uses natural language processing algorithms to help users create high-quality content. 

It can benefit the user by creating quick and easy content without requiring extensive writing skills or time-consuming research.

It functions as an AI content generator, producing an article for you using the information you provide.

AI Writer’s main features include generating content ideas and product descriptions and writing blog and social media posts.

Users can customize the tone and style of their writing, choose the length of their content, and add keywords to optimize for SEO. The tool can also generate headlines and edit existing content.

AI Writer is priced based on the number of credits purchased, ranging from $29 for 40 articles to $0.72 for credits. Each credit is equivalent to one character generated by the tool.

AI Writer is a helpful tool for those who need to produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

Its customization options and ability to generate content ideas make it a valuable asset for content creators, marketers, and business owners looking to optimize their content marketing strategies.

9. Longshot AI

LongShot AI

Longshot AI offers state-of-the-art features using GPT-4 technology to aid content creators in producing custom content.

By allowing users to personalize content with their references, Longshot AI helps to overcome writer’s block and accelerate content creation.

It can benefit users by providing a more efficient and effective way to create high-quality content.

Longshot AI can help writers overcome writer’s block and improve their writing by suggesting new ideas, providing inspiration, and guiding them through the writing process.

One of the features of LongShot is to harness the potential of templates to provide a smooth interaction with the platform and produce impressive articles.

You can swiftly generate marketing copy, headlines, product descriptions, and paraphrased content from the Templates menu.

Additionally, there is a convenient headline creator that simplifies the task of crafting attention-grabbing headlines. With these headlines, you can effortlessly write the body of your blog post.

Longshot AI’s pricing model is subscription-based, with plans starting at $29 per month for up to 2000 credits and for unlimited briefs and team collaboration features contact their team for customized pricing.

Longshot AI is a powerful writing tool that can help writers of all levels improve their writing process and create better content. With its features and affordable pricing, Longshot AI is valuable to any writer’s toolkit.

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10. CopySmith

CopySmith AI

Copysmith is an AI-powered software that assists users in creating content for their website or blog.

In addition, it offers a user-friendly method for distributing and promoting previously produced content.

CopySmith can benefit users who need to create high-quality written content but may need more time or expertise.

With CopySmith, users can generate content quickly and efficiently, saving time and effort.

Additionally, CopySmith can help users improve their writing skills by providing suggestions for improvement and optimizing content for SEO.

Some of the main features of CopySmith include a user-friendly interface.

It has an AI-powered copywriting tool that assists users in generating various types of content, including blog posts, landing pages, sales pages, and webinars.

Its most popular tool is the article builder, which allows users to create articles from scratch.

CopySmith pricing varies depending on plans. The starter plans start at $19 but with limited features. In contrast, the pro plan is $49 per month, offering more features than the starter.

CopySmith is a powerful AI writing tool that offers a variety of features that can help users generate high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

Its user-friendly interface and writing templates and tools make it an excellent option for all skill levels.

11. Grammarly

Grammarly AI

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps users improve their writing by giving suggestions for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and style.

It can benefit users by improving the readability and clarity of their writing.

Grammarly’s suggestions can help users avoid common writing mistakes and provide alternative phrasing to enhance the tone and impact of their writing.

Some of the features of Grammarly include its ability to suggest corrections for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors and provide feedback on sentence structure, clarity, and style.

It also offers a plagiarism checker and a readability score to help users optimize their writing for their intended audience.

Grammarly offers both premium and free versions of its service.

The free version provides basic writing suggestions, while the premium version offers more advanced features, such as vocabulary enhancement suggestions and genre-specific writing style checks. The introductory plan price starts at $25 per month.

Grammarly is an excellent tool that can benefit any writer, from students to professionals.

Its AI-powered suggestions are accurate and helpful, and the service is easy to use and integrate into a writing workflow. The pricing of the premium version is reasonable and offers a good value for its features.

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12. Content at Scale

Content at Scale AI

Content at Scale is an AI writing tool specializing in creating high-quality business content.

It simplifies generating content by allowing users to quickly and efficiently upload single or multiple keywords.

It can benefit users by solving the challenge of creating scale-quality content.

The service can help businesses save time and resources by automating the writing process, allowing them to focus on other business factors.

It can also improve the quality of the content generated, ensuring that it is accurate, engaging, and tailored to the company’s specific needs.

One of the main features of Content at Scale is its ability to generate content for various topics and industries using natural language processing and machine learning algorithms.

It offers both one-off and bulk uploading options, depending on your needs.

This feature enables users to create high-quality content without spending excessive time and effort on each keyword for blog posts, social media content, product descriptions, and more.

Another essential feature is the option to customize the tone and style of the content to match the brand’s voice and personality.

The pricing for Content at Scale plans starts at $250. The company claims its services are competitively priced, focusing on delivering value to its customers.

Content at Scale is a powerful AI writing tool that can help businesses generate high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

Its customizable features and ability to write for various industries and topics make it a versatile option for companies looking to scale their content marketing efforts.

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13. Rytr.me


Rytr.me is an exceptional tool that employs the power of artificial intelligence to restructure the writing process.

Developed to provide a simple and pocket-friendly solution, Rytr.me enables users to create compelling and engaging content for various purposes.

It offers numerous benefits to users seeking to elevate their writing endeavors. Whether you are a content creator, marketer, business owner, or individual looking to improve your writing skills, this tool is invaluable.

It serves as a creative partner, providing inspiration, generating ideas, and enhancing the overall quality of your writing.

Rytr.me has many impressive features that make it stand out. With over 40 content use cases and support for more than 30 languages, the tool caters to diverse writing needs and a global user base.

Users can select from 20+ writing tones, such as funny, informative, thoughtful, or inspirational, to infuse their copy with the desired essence. 

Rytr.me provides a range of pricing plans that are simple and pocket-friendly. The plans are presumed to the number of characters available every month. Users can start with the free plan, which offers 10,000 characters per month.

For those with higher writing needs, the Saver plan, priced at $9 per month, allows for generating 100,000 characters.

The Unlimited plan, priced at $29 per month, provides the freedom to generate unlimited characters.

Rytr.me  is a powerful tool that unlocks your writing potential and elevates your content creation.

The tool empowers users to create captivating and compelling copy effortlessly with its user-friendly interface, versatile writing tones, and AI-generated image support.

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14. Article Forge

Article Forge

Article Forge is an innovative and fully automated writer that revolutionizes the process of content creation developed by Glimpse.ai.

With a single click, Article Forge generates entire long-form, SEO-optimized articles, eliminating the need for manual writing.

Unlike other tools, Article Forge doesn’t rely on GPT-3 but utilizes its custom-trained deep-learning models to deliver factually correct and comprehensive posts.

It offers immense benefits to users seeking a streamlined approach to content creation.

Whether you’re a blogger, marketer, or business owner, this tool saves you valuable time by automating the writing process.

Article Forge’s advanced natural language processing techniques ensure the creation of cohesive, SEO-friendly articles within minutes.

Article Forge boasts many impressive features that set it apart from other tools. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy usage with no complex workflows involved.

The tool’s long-form content generator can produce cohesive articles of 1,500+ words, offering comprehensive coverage of topics. Additionally, Article Forge’s research-augmented AI generates factually accurate and relevant content. 

Article Forge offers a range of pricing options to suit different user needs. The individual plan starts at $57 monthly with over 250,000, while the business plan needs a custom plan.

Article Forge is a game-changer for content creators seeking a time-saving and efficient solution.

With its fully automated approach and reliance on custom-trained deep-learning models, Article Forge quickly delivers comprehensive and factually accurate articles.

The tool’s SEO-friendly content generation, multilingual support, and additional features like post-scheduling and media integration make it a valuable asset for bloggers, marketers, and business owners.

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15. Sudowrite


Sudowrite is a unique AI writing software designed for storytelling and creative content.

Unlike other platforms that focus on templates and predefined structures, Sudowrite offers a unique writing workflow tailored to creative and descriptive writing needs.

If you seek a tool to enhance your storytelling capabilities, Sudowrite offers a range of benefits.

It provides a “First draft” feature that takes a simple prompt and generates a 1000-word draft, serving as a starting point for further development.

The software offers auto-complete and styled suggestions in a user-friendly toolbar, making it easy to incorporate relevant and engaging content into the writing. 

Additionally, features like “Describe” help add captivating language, while “Expand” adds natural content to slow the pace of specific sections, improving the overall flow and impact of the writing.

Sudowrite is best suited for creative professionals in branding and PR who require compelling storytelling. It also caters to storytellers across various mediums, such as poems, books, and scripts, delivering valuable assistance throughout the writing process.

Regarding pricing, Sudowrite offers a starting package at $19 per month, which includes a word limit of 30,000 words.

The pricing is reasonable and accessible for users looking to enhance their storytelling capabilities.

Sudowrite is an exceptional AI writing software for creative professionals and storytellers.

With its focus on storytelling, unique writing workflow, and features like auto-complete and content expansion, Sudowrite empowers users to craft compelling and engaging narratives.

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16. Farse


Frase is a versatile AI writing platform that has become a game-changer for content marketers.

This comprehensive tool streamlines your content creation process and enhances your content’s search engine optimization.

Frase offers an array of benefits. It simplifies keyword research, content planning, writing, and optimization, making it an indispensable tool for marketers striving to boost their online presence.

Frase’s standout features include a versatile AI writer with over 30 templates and a thriving user community contributing even more templates.

The real-time content scoring system helps users optimize content for search engines as they write, offering valuable suggestions based on SERP analysis.

For pricing, it starts at just $14.99 per month, with a 5-day trial available for $1.

Discounts are offered for annual subscriptions, making it accessible for both short-term and long-term users.

Frase is a powerhouse AI writing tool empowering content creators to excel in their digital marketing efforts.

Its rich history, user-friendly interface, and competitive pricing make it a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their content game.

17. QuillBot

Quillbot AI

QuillBot is a versatile AI text generator and paraphrasing tool, ideal for short- and long-form content.

While it doesn’t create entirely new text, it excels in summarizing and paraphrasing documents, articles, or any text you provide.

This web-based app simplifies the writing process, aiding users in avoiding plagiarism and improving content quality.

 It offers an efficient way to rephrase text, with color-coded changes for easy tracking.

It is helpful for new writers, offering a learning opportunity while ensuring the originality of content. 

The best feature is its paraphrasing capability. It simplifies the process by retaining the core meaning while offering alternatives to the original text.

The color-coded changes make it easy to compare the original and revised versions. It’s a valuable tool for content creators, students, and professionals looking to enhance their writing and ensure originality.

You can get a demo for the pricing plans and contact them for advanced paid plans. 

QuillBot is your go-to AI writing companion, streamlining the writing and paraphrasing process.

It’s a valuable tool for writers and content creators, improving writing quality and ensuring originality.

Whether you’re a student, professional, or aspiring writer, QuillBot offers a convenient and efficient way to enhance your writing and avoid plagiarism.

18. ChatGPT


ChatGPT, a powerful language model, serves as an exceptional content-writing tool, aiding users in generating text across diverse topics.

Its informative and engaging tone makes it invaluable for creating compelling content. 

With roots in the GPT-3.5 architecture, ChatGPT has evolved into a versatile tool for brainstorming, researching, and content creation.

Its extensive knowledge base, up until January 2022, ensures reliable and up-to-date information.

This service proves highly beneficial for users seeking a comprehensive writing assistant.

Whether one needs help formulating ideas, researching topics, or crafting entire pieces, ChatGPT excels. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the writing process, making it accessible to a broad audience.

Its features include providing detailed information, assisting in brainstorming, and engagingly generating content.

However, users should be aware of occasional coherence and contextual understanding limitations.

The pricing structure varies, with free access and subscription plans for enhanced features.

While the free version offers valuable assistance, the subscription plans cater to more extensive writing needs. ChatGPT’s paid monthly subscription, “ChatGPT Plus” costs $20. 

ChatGPT emerges as a top-tier AI writing tool, offering a wealth of features for users seeking a reliable and efficient content creation companion.

Its versatile applications make it a standout choice in the realm of AI writing tools.

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19. Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI emerges as an AI-powered email generation tool, catering to beginners and professionals crafting diverse emails, including job applications, follow-ups, and brand outreach.

With support for 28 languages, it offers a diverse range of email templates tailored to various needs. 

Its quick email generation capabilities cater to diverse needs- job applications, follow-ups, or brand outreach.

Additionally, its support for multiple languages and the inclusion of an AI chatbot streamline the email writing process for users seeking personalized and effective communication.

Hypotenuse AI stands out with its quick email generation, diverse email templates, support for multiple languages, and the incorporation of ‘HypoChat,’ the AI chatbot assisting in email composition.

For the pricing, Hypotenuse AI generally offers a trial period, allowing users to experience its efficiency in managing various email writing tasks before committing to a subscription.

For individual plans, it starts at $29 with 50,000 words included.

Hypotenuse AI emerges as a valuable tool for simplifying and enhancing email writing tasks across different purposes and skill levels.

Its diverse templates, multilingual support, and the addition of an AI chatbot streamline the process, making it an efficient and effective solution for users aiming to craft tailored and impactful emails effortlessly.

What are AI Writing Tools?

AI writing tools are software programs using artificial intelligence technology to assist users in writing and editing text-based content.

These tools use natural language processing (NLP), machine learning algorithms, and deep learning techniques to understand the text’s context and meaning and provide suggestions and improvements for the user’s writing.

AI writing tools can help users improve their writing skills, increase productivity, and save time by automating some of the writing process’s more tedious and repetitive aspects.

Some common features of AI writing tools include grammar and spelling checks, style suggestions, and sentence structure recommendations.

Additionally, some tools can generate entire pieces of content, such as articles, summaries, or product descriptions, based on a given topic or keywords.

How do AI Writing Tools Work?

AI writing tools use natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze text and generate content that matches the desired tone, style, and context.

These tools use machine learning algorithms to identify patterns in language and develop content based on those patterns.

Many AI writing tools combine techniques, such as text summarization, language translation, and content generation, to produce their output.

Some tools use pre-existing content as input and generate new content similar in style and tone, while others allow users to input prompts or suggestions to guide the content creation process.

Most AI writing tools use a combination of machine learning algorithms and artificial neural networks to generate content.

These algorithms are programmed on large datasets of human-written content to learn patterns and structures of language.

As they are exposed to more data, the algorithms improve their ability to generate content that closely matches human writing.

Overall, AI writing tools are designed to help writers create high-quality content more efficiently by automating certain aspects of the writing process, such as research and language analysis.

However, they are intended to be something other than human writers but rather to assist them in producing better content more quickly.

Benefits of Using AI Writing Tools

Using AI writing tools can bring several benefits, including:

  1. Saving time and effort: AI writing tools can help automate the writing process, allowing writers to produce content more quickly and efficiently. They can help generate ideas, write drafts, and edit content, freeing up time and effort for other tasks.
  2. Improving writing quality: AI writing tools can provide suggestions and corrections to improve the quality of writing, including grammar, syntax, and style. They can also help ensure the content is well-structured, engaging, and meets the intended purpose.
  3. Enhancing creativity: AI writing tools can help generate new ideas and perspectives, allowing writers to approach topics from different angles and explore new possibilities.
  4. Increasing productivity: With AI writing tools, writers can produce more content in less time, improving their overall productivity and efficiency.
  5. Customizing content: AI writing tools can analyze data and tailor content to specific audiences, making it more relevant and engaging for readers.
  6. Consistency: AI writing tools can help maintain consistency in tone, style, and formatting across various pieces of content, ensuring that the brand’s message and voice are consistent.

Overall, AI writing tools can provide several benefits to writers, including increased efficiency, improved quality, and enhanced creativity.

Why should I use an AI writing tool?

Using an AI writing tool can offer several benefits for content creators, including:

  1. Time-saving: AI writing tools can help you produce high-quality content in less time. They can automate tasks like research, organization, and even writing, allowing you to focus on other essential aspects of your work.
  2. Improved accuracy: AI writing tools can catch spelling and grammar errors you might miss. They can also ensure that your content follows a consistent style and tone, making it more professional.
  3. Increased productivity: With AI writing tools, you can write more content in less time. It can help you improve your productivity and meet tight deadlines.
  4. Cost-effective: Outsourcing content creation can be expensive. AI writing tools can be a cost-effective solution that allows you to create high-quality content without hiring a costly writing team.
  5. Better SEO: Many AI writing tools offer features that can help improve your SEO. For example, they can suggest keywords to include in your content, optimize your headings and subheadings, and help you write meta descriptions that improve your click-through rates.

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