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17 Best AI Voice Generators December 2023

Discover the top AI voice generator tools in the market. Explore the features, benefits, and limitations to help you choose the best one for your needs.

Updated: December 21, 2023
Best AI Voice Generators

Artificial intelligence has made incredible strides in recent years, particularly in the realm of natural language processing.

One of the most impressive developments is AI voice generator technology, which creates realistic, human-like speech for various applications – from voice-overs for videos and podcasts to virtual assistants and chatbots.

In this article, we’ll delve into the top AI voice generators available, taking a closer look at their features, pricing, and potential uses across marketing, video creation, and beyond.

So, let’s jump in and uncover the best AI voice generators on the market.

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17 Best AI Voice Generators

Here are our recommendations for the best 17 AI voice generators in the market in August 2023.

1. Lovo.ai


Lovo.ai is a powerful voice-over platform that enables users to convert text into high-quality voice-overs using cutting-edge AI technology. 

Using Lovo.ai can benefit users by saving them valuable time and money.

With Lovo.ai, users can customize the voice-over to match their brand voice and target audience.

It is a versatile tool for a wide range of use cases, from explainer videos to e-learning courses.

Some features of Lovo.ai include a vast library of natural-sounding voices in multiple languages and customizable voice styles and emotions.

Also, it has high-quality audio output in various formats. The platform also offers an easy-to-use interface, making it accessible to all skill levels.

Lovo.ai offers a flexible pricing model, starting from as low as a $35 per month plan for basic.

Users can choose depending on their usage needs and budget. A free version is also available, allowing users to try the platform before committing to a paid plan.

In summary, Lovo.ai is an excellent tool for creating high-quality voiceovers quickly and easily.

With its customizable features, a vast library of natural-sounding voices, and flexible pricing, Lovo.ai is a perfect choice for businesses, content creators, and anyone looking to add a professional touch to their audio content.

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2. Synthesys


Synthesys is a cutting-edge AI voice generator that uses advanced technology to create natural-sounding voices for various applications. 

It can benefit them by providing an easy-to-use, affordable tool for generating high-quality voices.

One of the main features of Synthesys is its ability to generate natural-sounding voices with customizable accents and tones.

Users can choose from various voices to find the best fit for their needs.

Additionally, Synthesys supports multiple languages with 30 male and 35 female voices. Which makes it a versatile tool for content creators worldwide.

The pricing for Synthesys is flexible, with various options available depending on the user’s needs. Audio Synthesys plans start at $23 per month.

Overall, Synthesys is a powerful and user-friendly AI voice generator that can benefit many users, from content creators to businesses looking to enhance customer experience.

With its natural-sounding voices and affordable pricing, Synthesys is a top choice for anyone looking to take their audio content to the next level.

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3. Murf


Murf is a text-to-speech tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate human-like speech in multiple languages.

It is a cloud-based service that can be used by anyone with an internet connection, making it a convenient tool for businesses and individuals alike.

Murf can benefit anyone looking for a high-quality text-to-speech solution.

For example, content creators can use Murf to generate speeches for videos or podcasts.

In contrast, businesses can use it to create automated voice responses for customer service or voice-overs for marketing materials. 

One of the main features of Murf is its ability to generate speech in multiple languages.

Currently, Murf supports over 15 languages with 115 unique voices, making it a versatile tool for users worldwide.

Murf also offers a variety of voice styles and accents so that users can choose the perfect voice for their project.

Murf’s AI technology also allows it to generate speech that sounds natural and expressive.

Murf offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different user needs.

A free plan is available, letting users test the platform before deciding to take the monthly plan. In contrast, the basic plan starts at $19 per month.

Overall, Murf is a powerful text-to-speech tool that offers a wide range of features and language support.

Its AI technology generates high-quality speech that sounds natural and expressive, making it an excellent choice for content creators, businesses, and individuals.

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4. Listnr


Listnr is an AI-powered voice generator tool that allows users to create natural-sounding voice-overs for their projects.

Listnr’s service can significantly benefit users needing high-quality voice-overs for video and audio projects without expensive studio equipment or a professional voice actor.

One of the main features of Listnr is its ability to generate human-like voice-overs in 17 languages.

Users can choose from various voices and adjust parameters such as tone, genre selection, accent, etc.

Additionally, Listnr offers advanced customization options such as adding pauses and emphasis to specific words and even allowing users to upload their custom pronunciation dictionaries.

Listnr starts at $19 monthly for an individual plan with access to 900+ voices. It also has student plan starts at $9 monthly as well as free plan with 1,000 words limit only.

Overall, Listnr is an excellent tool for anyone looking to create high-quality voice-overs for their projects quickly and affordably.

Its advanced customization options and multi-language support make it stand out among similar tools in the market.

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5. Play.ht


Play.ht is a web-based voice generator tool that can facilitate high-quality text-to-speech generation.

It provides a simple and efficient solution for content creators who want to add high-quality voice-overs to their articles, videos, and presentations.

The service can benefit users by converting text into a natural voice, allowing them to download the voice-over as MP3 and WAV files.

With Play.ht, users can choose voice type and import or type text, which will be converted into natural human voice.

One of the main features of Play.ht is its text-to-speech engine, which uses AI technology to produce natural-sounding voices.

The tool offers 570 unique AI voices and accents, including male and female voices in 60 languages.

Users can customize the voice-over’s speed, pitch, and volume to suit their needs.

The pricing for Play.ht varies based on usage, with personal plans starting at $39 per month for up to 250,000 words and 10 instant voice clone.

The tool also offers a free version with limited features to allow users to test it before committing to a paid plan.

Overall, Play.ht is a reliable and user-friendly tool that can benefit content creators who want to add professional-sounding voice-overs to their content.

Its AI-powered text-to-speech engine, customization options, and affordable pricing make it a top choice in the AI voice generator market.

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6. Speechelo


Speechelo is a text-to-speech (TTS) software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to convert written text into life-like speech.

It can benefit users looking to create high-quality voice-overs for their videos or podcasts.

With its advanced AI technology, the software can make a remarkably human-like speech with various voice options.

One of the features of Speechelo is its ability to customize the voice-over to the user’s liking and add inflections to the voice.

The software also offers various voices, including male and female, with 30 human sounds available in 24 languages. 

Regarding pricing, Speechelo’s price is $47 with no monthly payments.

The $47 cost includes unlimited word counts, commercial usage rights, and additional voice options. They also offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Speechelo is an excellent tool for creating high-quality voiceovers quickly and easily.

With its advanced AI technology and range of customization options, it can help users create professional-sounding speech in minutes.

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7. ReadSpeaker

ReadSpeaker is an AI voice generator tool that enables users to create life-like and natural-sounding voices for various applications.

The service benefits the user by providing three simple and efficient ways to create high-quality voiceovers.

Users can input text into the platform and generate a voice-over in seconds.

One of the main features of ReadSpeaker is its ability to create a range of voices in 20 languages and accents.

The tool can produce male and female voices with different tones and pitches, and it also includes a variety of accents with over 40 AI voices.

The platform also allows users to adjust the speed and pitch of the voice and add pauses and emphasis.

ReadSpeaker pricing varies according to how many words or minutes users wish to produce.

A self-service plan has four corresponding packages from 200 to 20,000 words. The individual plan cost $4 monthly.

But if a user requires other languages in large quantities with the account manager, they must contact ReadSpeaker directly.

Overall, ReadSpeaker is a valuable tool for anyone looking to create high-quality voiceovers quickly and easily.

The platform’s user-friendly interface, advanced features, and competitive pricing make it an excellent choice for individuals and businesses.

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8. Speechify


Speechify is an AI-powered voice generator that converts text into high-quality natural-sounding speech.

Speechify’s mission is to empower people with dyslexia and other learning disabilities to use technology to improve their reading experience.

Since then, Speechify has expanded its offerings to include many use cases, including e-learning, audiobook creation, podcasting, and more.

One of the main benefits of Speechify is that it offers a range of natural-sounding voices to choose from, including male and female 30 voices in 15 languages and accents.

The tool also provides customization options, allowing users to adjust the speech’s speed, pitch, and volume. 

The pricing for Speechify varies depending on the plan you choose. It has a free version plan but limits the amount of text you can convert.

The premium plan starts at $11.58 per month or $139 per year and offers unlimited text-to-speech conversion, additional voices, and customization options.

Speechify is an excellent choice for an easy-to-use and customizable AI voice generator tool.

Its natural-sounding voices, wide range of integrations, and accessibility make it a top choice for e-learning, audiobook creation, podcasting, and more.

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9. Sonantic


Spotify acquires Sonantic, an AI voice generator that uses cutting-edge text-to-speech software popular in entertainment. It can create expressive life-like AI voices.

Sonantic AI voice generator benefits users by offering a powerful, easy-to-use tool for creating high-quality audio content.

Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or educator, this software lets you quickly and easily generate audio content.

Some of the main features of the Sonantic AI voice generator include a wide range of voices, accents, and languages. As well as the ability to customize the pitch, speed, and tone of the voice.

The software also offers a range of emotions and expressions, allowing you to create truly engaging and dynamic audio content.

Pricing for the Sonantic AI voice generator has custom plans and is available upon request.

The Sonantic AI voice generator is a powerful and innovative tool for creating natural-sounding audio content.

With its advanced machine learning algorithms and customizable features, this software has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with audio content in the future.

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10. Respeecher


Respeecher is an exceptional AI voice generator tool that excels in replicating any voice with astonishing accuracy and naturalness.

With various features and customization options, Respeecher offers a comprehensive solution for different use cases in dubbing, audio post-production, and more.

Respeecher’s feature lies in its ability to replicate voices accurately and naturally. It allows users to create personalized voice models, tailoring them to specific individuals or desired use cases.

Additionally, Respeecher provides a library of existing human-like voiceovers, offering a wide range of options for users to choose from.

Users can adjust voice age, gender, emotion, and even accent, giving them full control over the voice generation.

The tool integrates with primary digital audio workstations and supports various audio formats, ensuring compatibility and flexibility in audio post-production workflows.

Respeecher offers cloud-based and on-premise deployment options, catering to different user preferences and needs.

Regarding pricing, Respeecher offers a free three-day trial, allowing users to explore its capabilities before committing to a subscription.

The pricing for a standard plan is $199 monthly for monthly payments or $1999 per year for annual subscriptions.

Respeecher is an invaluable tool for users in the creative industry who require voice cloning or modification.

It provides accurate voice replication, extensive customization options, and efficient audio post-production and dubbing services.

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11. Clipchamp

Clipchamp ai

Clipchamp is a versatile video creation tool that incorporates AI voice generation capabilities acquired by Microsoft.

This web-based editor offers various features to clip, merge, import, and record video clips, making it a comprehensive solution for video editing needs.

What sets Clipchamp apart is its text-to-speech feature, which allows users to input text and transform it into AI-generated voiceovers for their video projects.

While not solely dedicated to AI voice generation, Clipchamp provides a convenient option for those seeking AI-generated voiceovers.

The service benefits users by providing a user-friendly platform where they can easily edit videos and add AI-generated voiceovers.

With Clipchamp, users can quickly create professional-looking videos without requiring complex software installations or technical expertise.

The text-to-speech feature enhances the overall production value of videos by offering customizable options such as fading in, speed editing, and audio trimming.

Additionally, users can generate captions in real time, ensuring greater accessibility for their viewers.

Key features of Clipchamp include a wide selection of 170 voices in 70 languages, giving users ample choices for their voiceovers.

The platform allows control over voice pitch, style, speed, and voice characteristics, enabling users to achieve the desired audio output. 

In terms of pricing, Clipchamp offers a free plan with limited features, while paid plans start at $11.99 per month, providing access to more advanced editing tools and additional features.

Clipchamp is an excellent choice for content creators and users seeking an intuitive video editor with AI voice-generation capabilities.

With its easy-to-use interface, customizable voice options, and real-time captioning, Clipchamp empowers users to create engaging and accessible videos. 

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12. Resemble AI

Resemble Ai

If you’re an aspiring content creator or a voiceover enthusiast looking to add a personal touch to your projects, Resemble AI is the perfect tool.

With its advanced web-based platform, Resemble AI empowers you to generate your own AI voice derived from your natural voice. 

Resemble AI allows you to upload, type, or speak to create your own AI voice. Its innovative editor enables you to infuse inflections and emotions, making your voice sound genuinely unique.

Moreover, this platform supports cross-lingual functionality in more than 24 languages, ensuring you can create custom and localized audio content for your audience worldwide.

The key features of Resemble AI are impressive. It offers unlimited projects, users, and audio downloads, allowing you to create without limitations.

One remarkable aspect of Resemble AI is its marketplace, where you can hire professional voice actors to generate custom voices for your projects.

The service also boasts enhanced emotion control for the generated voices, allowing you to fine-tune the performance to suit your project’s requirements.

As for the pricing, Resemble AI offers paid plans starting at $0.006 per second. This flexible pricing structure ensures users can choose a plan that aligns with their budget and needs.

Resemble AI is the go-to service for users seeking a high-quality AI generator focusing on custom voice cloning.

Whether you’re a content creator, a marketer, or a voiceover artist, Resemble AI empowers you to create personalized, engaging audio content.

With its cross-lingual support, the marketplace for voice actors, and enhanced emotion control, Resemble AI has a comprehensive suite of tools to help you bring your creative vision to life.

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13. Altered

Altered is an innovative platform that offers a range of voice solutions using AI technology. 

Its services range from altering the user’s voice to creating an entirely new artificial voice.

This tool is perfect for anyone looking to create multi-character productions without the need for additional voice actors.

One of the standout features of Altered is its unique Speech Synthesis Technology.

It allows you to change your accent and transform your performance by controlling the emotions in your voice. This level of creativity and control is hard to find in other AI voice generators.

Additionally, Altered offers both transcription and translation capabilities. It makes it easier for you to create voiceovers in different languages, thus reaching a wider audience.

On the pricing front, Altered offers several plans to cater to different needs.

The Creator plan starts at $65 per month; for professionals, the Professional plan is available at $200 per month.

Altered is an excellent tool for digital creators, especially those involved in audiobook creation, video production, and podcasting.

Its unique voice alteration technology and wide range of AI tools make it a valuable addition to your content creation toolkit.

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14. Voicera

Voicera AI

Voicera is a versatile text-to-speech tool designed to enhance the blogging experience.

This AI-powered service brings your content an engaging and informative tone by transforming text into natural-sounding audio articles.

Voicera offers numerous benefits.

Firstly, it significantly boosts user engagement by providing audio content, encouraging visitors to spend more time on your blog, and improving SEO rankings.

Additionally, it serves as an accessibility aid, catering to individuals with visual impairments.

It supports over 200+ languages and provides various voice options regarding gender and age.

Users can adjust voice speed, ensuring a customized listening experience.

Its user-friendly dashboard simplifies the process of creating audio embeds.

With easy-to-embed iframe HTML code, Voicera seamlessly integrates with WordPress, Ghost, and other platforms.

Notably, voicing credits never expire and can be topped up, making it a valuable tool for long-term content strategy.

Pricing for Voicera starts at $9 for 100,000 credits, where each credit equals one word. These credits retain their value over time.

Voicera is recommended for bloggers, news websites, and platforms featuring long-form content.

Company blogs, in particular, can leverage their audio SEO and accessibility benefits to enhance their online presence and engage their audience effectively.

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15. NaturalReader

NaturalReader AI

Natural Reader is a powerful, sophisticated text-to-speech software that gives words a voice.

Whether it’s a document, an online article, or a PDF file, Natural Reader effortlessly transforms text into audio with just a few clicks.

If you are looking to consume content in a more auditory way, Natural Reader is a revelation.

It’s a game-changer for those who prefer to listen rather than read, making written material accessible in new ways.

Whether you’re a student, a professional, or someone who enjoys multitasking, Natural Reader brings content to life.

Natural Reader boasts a wide selection of voices, including Premium Voices with natural intonation and Voices engineered for realistic speaking styles.

It uses advanced voice synthesis technology to ensure the speech sounds highly natural.

Users can sample Premium plus Voices for limited periods each day, and paid subscriptions unlock full access to features and voices.

Regarding pricing, Natural Reader provides both free and paid subscription options.

Paid subscriptions offer more extensive capabilities and access to all voices, providing greater flexibility for different user needs. The yearly plan starts at $49 monthly for a single user.

Natural Reader is your go-to text-to-speech powerhouse, bridging the gap between text and speech.

Whether you need to listen to documents on the go, prefer auditory learning, or want to make written content more accessible, Natural Reader is the answer.\

16. Uberduck.ai

Uberduck AI

UberDuck.ai emerged as a distinctive AI voice generator, carving its niche with a unique focus on celebrity and character voice imitations.

This platform introduces a refreshing twist to voice generation, making it a captivating tool for creative projects and fan creations.

This tool offers a unique benefit for users seeking an extra layer of creativity in their projects.

The platform’s emphasis on celebrity and character voice imitations opens up exciting content possibilities that go beyond the conventional.

Whether it’s injecting humor into a script or adding a touch of familiarity with celebrity voices, UberDuck.ai amplifies creative potential.

Its features include a specialized library of celebrity and character voices, providing users with a broad spectrum of choices for their voice generation needs.

The platform’s user-friendly interface ensures accessibility for creators with varying experience levels.

Regarding pricing details, the creator plan starts at $10 monthly.

The features include Commercial use, Private voice access, API access, Lower latency, AI-generated raps, and 3600 monthly credits.

UberDuck.ai is the best AI voice generator for those seeking a playful and unique twist to their audio projects.

Its focus on celebrity and character imitations opens doors to a realm of creative possibilities, making it a must-have tool for content creators and fans alike.

17. WellSaid Labs

Wellsaidlabs  AI

WellSaid Labs is a top-tier AI voice platform that offers real-time voiceover creation from text.

Trusted by numerous global companies, it provides an array of voice avatars, ensuring users find the perfect fit for their production needs.

The platform streamlines content creation by enabling efficient voiceover generation and effortless collaboration among team members.

This tool presents significant benefits. Its real-time text-to-voice capabilities save time and resources, offering a variety of voice avatars to suit diverse production requirements.

The platform’s collaborative features facilitate seamless content editing and updates, ensuring professional sound quality for all productions.

It enables real-time voiceover creation, offers a range of voice avatars for user selection, facilitates team collaboration for content updates, and delivers high-quality audio output for professional-grade productions.

Specific pricing details vary based on usage and features offered. The Maker plan for Indie creators starts at $44 monthly with access to 24 pre-selected Avatars.

WellSaid Labs is indispensable for those seeking high-quality and efficient voice generation.

Its voice avatars, real-time text-to-voice capabilities, and collaborative features position it as an invaluable asset for companies and creators aiming to effortlessly elevate the quality of their audio productions.

What are AI voice generators?

AI voice generators are software tools that use artificial intelligence (AI) technology to generate human-like speech.

They analyze text input and produce an audio output that sounds like a human spoke it.

These tools are used for various purposes, such as creating voice-overs for videos, producing podcasts, and developing chatbots.

AI voice generators can have a range of voices and styles, from natural and conversational to more robotic and formal.

Some AI voice generators also offer the ability to customize the voice and pronunciation of the generated speech.

How do AI voice generators work?

AI voice generators utilize deep learning algorithms and neural networks to analyze and replicate human speech patterns.

These algorithms are trained on vast amounts of speech data to learn the nuances of human language and create synthetic speech that sounds natural.

The process involves breaking down human speech into its parts, such as phonemes, intonation, and rhythm, and then reconstructing those parts to create a new voice.

Some AI voice generators use text-to-speech (TTS) technology, where the system takes written input and converts it into speech.

Other generators use speech-to-speech (STS) technology, where the system analyzes an existing voice and replicates it to create a new voice.

AI voice generators typically require significant processing power and data to generate high-quality speech.

However, technological advancements have made the process more efficient, allowing for faster and more accurate voice generation.

Benefits of Using AI Voice Generators

There are several benefits to using AI voice generators:

  1. Time-saving: AI voice generators can save much time and effort compared to recording a human voice-over. With AI, you can generate a voice-over in minutes rather than hours or days.
  2. Cost-effective: Recording a human voice-over can be expensive, especially if you need to hire a professional voice actor. AI voice generators can be more cost-effective, as they often require a one-time purchase or subscription fee.
  3. Customizable: AI voice generators allow you to customize your voice-over to fit your specific needs. You can adjust the voice’s tone, accent, speed, and more.
  4. Consistency: AI voice generators can ensure consistency across your audio content. Using the same voice-over for each piece of content can create a brand voice and improve recognition among your audience.
  5. Accessibility: AI voice generators can make audio content accessible to people with disabilities. By generating audio content, you can provide audio descriptions, voice-overs for videos, and more.
  6. Multilingual support: Some AI voice generators can support multiple languages, allowing you to create content for a global audience without needing translation services or hiring various voice actors.

How to Choose the Best AI Voice Generator for Your Needs

When choosing the best AI voice generator for your needs, you must consider several factors:

Here are some tips to help you decide:

  1. Quality: The quality of the voice generated by the AI voice generator should be your primary concern. Listen to samples of the tool’s different voice options and compare them to the quality of human voices. Look for a tool that can produce natural-sounding voices that are easy to understand.
  2. Languages: Check whether the tool supports the language(s) you need for your project. Some tools may only help a limited number of languages, so make sure the one you choose supports the language(s) you need.
  3. Customizability: Consider whether the tool allows you to customize the voice to your liking. For example, some tools will enable you to adjust the pitch, speed, and tone of the voice to create a more personalized sound.
  4. Integration: If you plan to use the AI voice generator with other tools or platforms, check whether it is compatible. Some tools may offer integrations with popular platforms like WordPress or Zapier, making it easier to use them in your workflow.
  5. Price: Consider the cost of the tool and whether it fits within your budget. Some tools offer pay-as-you-go or subscription-based pricing models, while others may charge per minute or word.
  6. Customer support: Check whether the tool offers customer support and what kind they provide. Look for tools that offer prompt and helpful customer service, as this can be invaluable if you run into any issues or have questions about using the tool.

Considering these factors, you can choose the best AI voice generator for your needs and create high-quality, natural-sounding voiceovers for your projects.

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