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14 Best AI Video Generators December 2023

Create engaging and professional videos with ease using these AI video generators. Find out the best features, pricing, and benefits.

Updated: December 20, 2023
Best AI video generators

AI-powered video generators have become popular recently, allowing users to create professional-quality videos without extensive technical knowledge or equipment.

These tools utilize sophisticated algorithms and natural language processing to transform written content into engaging and visually stunning videos.

With many available options, choosing the right AI video generator for your needs can be overwhelming.

This article will explore the best AI video generators available and highlight their unique features, pricing, and benefits to find the tool that best suits your needs.

14 Best AI Video Generators

Here are the top AI video generators in the market you can choose from that suits your needs:

1. Pictory


Pictory AI is a video generator tool that utilizes AI technology to create professional-looking videos without requiring technical skills.

It offers a variety of benefits. Firstly, it can save time and resources as it eliminates the need for hiring a video production team or learning complex video editing software.

Additionally, Pictory AI offers a wide range of video styles, allowing you to choose a design that fits your brand or personal style to increase engagement and quality.

One of the features of Pictory AI is its intuitive interface, making it easy for users to create videos.

Users can upload their media files, select a video style, and customize it with text, images, and music.

Pictory AI also utilizes AI technology to automatically match the media files to the video style, ensuring consistent and professional results and helping your brand to grow.

Pictory AI offers a flexible subscription model in terms of pricing, allowing users to pay for only what they need.

The pricing ranges from $23 monthly for basic features to $47 for advanced features.

Overall, Pictory AI is a powerful tool for users looking to create professional videos without the need for technical skills or hiring a video production team.

Its easy-to-use interface, wide range of video styles, and affordable pricing make it an excellent option for individuals and businesses.

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2. Synthesys


Synthesys AI is a video generator tool that uses AI to create natural voiceovers and animations for videos.

Its company is leading in developing algorithms for text-to-voiceover and commercial use videos.

One of the main benefits of using Synthesys AI is the ability to create videos quickly and efficiently.

The tool uses AI to generate voiceovers and animations, relying on its Synthesys Text-to-Video (TTV) technology to transform scripts into a dynamic media presentation.

It benefits businesses and individuals who need to create video content regularly.

Some of the main features of Synthesys AI include the ability to choose from 254 unique voices and 66+ languages.

As well as the capacity to customize the tone and style of the voiceover.

Users can also add text and images to their videos, and the tool will automatically generate animations to accompany the content.

The pricing for Synthesys AI varies depending on the plan that you choose. The “Human Studio” plan starts at $35/month.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to “Synthesys AI Studio Bundle” at $239/month, which includes additional features and allows you to repurpose your videos into a podcast.

Overall, Synthesys AI is an excellent tool for businesses and individuals who need to create video content quickly and efficiently.

Its powerful AI technology and easy-to-use interface make it ideal for creating engaging and informative videos.

3. Synthesia


Synthesia is an AI-powered video generation tool that enables businesses and individuals to create professional-looking videos quickly and easily. 

One of the main benefits of Synthesia is the ability to create high-quality videos without requiring complex equipment and filming locations.

The platform’s AI technology can synthesize human-like voiceovers and facial expressions based on text input, allowing users to produce engaging video content in minutes.

Some of the features of Synthesia include an extensive library of pre-built video templates for different use cases, customizable avatars and backgrounds, and support for multiple languages and accents.

The tool also offers advanced customization options for more experienced users, such as uploading custom voiceovers or incorporating branding elements into videos.

The pricing for Synthesia varies depending on the user’s needs and usage, with plans starting at $22.50 per month for individuals and ranging up to custom enterprise solutions for larger businesses.

Overall, Synthesia is a powerful and user-friendly tool for creating videos quickly and easily.

It is an excellent choice for individuals or businesses looking to streamline their video production process.

It’s AI-powered features and customization options make it a top contender in the growing market for video generation tools.

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4. InVideo


InVideo is an AI-powered video editing and creation tool that simplifies video-making for content creators, businesses, and marketers. 

It can benefit its users by providing an easy-to-use platform to create engaging videos quickly.

With AI algorithms, users can create professional-looking videos with minimal effort.

The tool has various pre-built templates that cater to different industries and use cases, and users can also customize these templates according to their needs. 

Some of the main features of InVideo include a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, a vast library of stock footage, images, and music, as well as the ability to add custom branding to videos

. Users can also add animations, transitions, and effects to the videos to make them more engaging.

InVideo offers three pricing plans: Business, Unlimited, and Enterprise. The Business plan costs $15 per month, billed annually.

The Unlimited plan costs $30 monthly, is billed annually, and includes features like unlimited premium videos.

The Enterprise plan is customizable and includes advanced features like a dedicated account manager and API access.

It also has a free account allowing users to test before committing to a plan.

Overall, InVideo is a fantastic tool for creating professional-looking videos quickly and efficiently.

Its user-friendly interface, vast library of assets, and affordable pricing plans make it a top choice for businesses and individuals looking to create compelling video content.

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5. Deepbrain AI

Deepbrain AI

Deepbrain AI is a video generator tool that uses artificial intelligence to create videos from text. 

For content creators, Deepbrain AI can offer a unique way to generate video content quickly and efficiently.

It benefits users by saving them time and effort in creating video content. Also, it can start a conversation as ChatGPT powers it.

Some of the main features of Deepbrain AI include the ability to customize the video with different scenes, characters, and backgrounds.

It also offers voice-over options and can incorporate music or sound effects in the video. Deepbrain AI also has many avatars model, or users can customize their avatars too.

The pricing for Deepbrain AI starts at $30 per month for the basic plan, which includes up to 10 minutes of video exports per month.

There are also higher-tier plans available with more exports and additional features.

Overall, Deepbrain AI is a powerful video generator tool that offers a unique way to create video content quickly and easily.

It’s customizable features and affordable pricing make it an attractive option for businesses and content creators.

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6. Veed.io


Veed.io is an AI video generator tool that enables users to create professional-looking videos without requiring technical skills.

One of the main benefits of using Veed.io is its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for users to navigate and create videos without any prior video editing experience.

With its drag-and-drop functionality, users can quickly add text, images, and other elements to the videos.

Additionally, Veed.io offers a range of templates that can be customized to suit the user’s needs, saving time and effort.

The main features of Veed.io include its text-to-video feature, which allows users to turn text into engaging videos quickly.

It also offers the ability to add subtitles, improving accessibility for viewers.

Other features include audio editing, the ability to add music and sound effects, and the option to add transitions between video clips.

Veed.io’s pricing plans start at $18 per month for the Basic plan, which includes access to all features and unlimited video exports.

The Business plan, priced at $70 per month, contains additional features such as team collaboration and custom branding.

It also has a free plan, so users can test it before purchasing a plan with limited features.

In summary, Veed.io is an excellent tool for creating professional-looking videos quickly and easily.

Its user-friendly interface, wide range of features, and affordable pricing make it an ideal choice for personal and professional use.

7. FlexClip


FlexClip is an AI-powered video generator that streamlines the video creation process, allowing you to produce high-quality videos without any experience in video editing or design.  It is developed by PearlMountain Limited.

It is designed to benefit users by simplifying video production. By automating editing tasks, FlexClip reduces the time and expertise required to create professional-looking videos.

It makes it an ideal tool for marketers, content creators, educators, and anyone needing to generate engaging video content efficiently.

The key features of FlexClip include a wide array of stock assets, easy-to-use editing capabilities, and AI-powered tools such as text-to-video and script generators.

Additionally, FlexClip stands out with its auto-subtitling function and automatic AI voiceover feature, which can significantly enhance the accessibility and impact of your videos.

As for pricing, FlexClip offers several tiers, starting from a free plan that allows you to create up to 12 projects, each up to one minute long, but with a watermark.

Paid plans range from $19.99 per month, providing additional features like longer video lengths, removal of watermarks, custom branding, and the ability to save more templates.

FlexClip is an excellent AI video generator, especially for those on a budget.

Its user-friendly interface, impressive features, and competitive pricing make it a compelling choice for creating engaging, high-quality video content.

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8. Elai.io


If you’re into the best tools to enhance your video creation capabilities, look no further than Elai.io.

It’s a remarkable service that combines the power of artificial intelligence with intuitive features, making it a game-changer in video production.

It can benefit you; whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or business owner, Elai.io can significantly streamline your video production process.

Its advanced AI algorithms and intuitive interface allow you to generate stunning videos in minutes, saving you precious time and effort. Say goodbye to the days of excruciating with complex video editing software!

One of the standout features of Elai.io is its diverse range of templates and styles. From corporate presentations to social media ads, you’ll find a template that perfectly matches your vision.

The AI technology intelligently adapts the visuals and animations to match your content, resulting in eye-catching videos that engage your audience.

Pricing is always a consideration, and Elai.io offers flexible plans to suit different needs.

They have affordable subscription options, starting at $29 per month, which grant you access to a wide range of features and templates.

They also have a free plan, allowing you to experience the service firsthand before committing.

Elai.io is an exceptional tool that empowers users to create impressive videos easily.

Its history of innovation, extensive features, and affordable pricing make it a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their video production game. Try it out today and unlock the true potential of your creativity!

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9. Lumen5


Lumen5 harnesses artificial intelligence’s power to revolutionize how you create engaging videos. It’s one of the best tools to enhance your video creation process.

It can benefit you by simplifying your video production workflow.

Whether you’re an experienced or novice video creator, Lumen5’s intuitive interface and AI-powered features make it easy to transform your ideas into captivating videos.

It eliminates the need for complex video editing software and allows you to create professional-quality videos in a fraction of the time.

One of the standout features of Lumen5 is its intelligent text-to-video capability.

By analyzing your provided text, Lumen5 automatically suggests relevant visuals and animations, saving you the effort of manually searching for suitable media.

Additionally, it offers a vast library of royalty-free images, video clips, and music to enhance your creations further.

Pricing options for Lumen5 are flexible, ensuring accessibility for users with different needs.

It also has a free plan with definite features and affordable subscription plans starting at $29 per month, which unlock additional functionality and resources. 

Lumen5 is an invaluable tool for anyone seeking to create stunning videos effortlessly.

With its rich history, user-friendly interface, intelligent features, and reasonable pricing, Lumen5 is a top recommendation for streamlining your video production process.

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10. Notevibes

Notevibes AI is a video generator that leverages machine learning to create high-quality videos in minutes.

It is designed to simplify video creation, making it easy to produce professional-looking videos without video editing skills.

The service benefits users by allowing them to quickly create engaging videos for their social media platforms, websites, or presentations.

Users can make videos for various purposes, such as product demos, tutorials, ads, and more. 

One of the main features of Notevibes is the ability to create videos in a minute.

The tool relies on AI technology to generate natural-looking lip movements based on the word text you provided.

Everything is automated until users finish without requiring your editing experience.

The price of the product varies based on the subscription plan you choose.

Notevibes plan starts at $19 per month. If you need bulk video editing, the plan will increase to $99 per month, depending on the capacity that suits your needs.

Overall, Notevibes AI is an excellent tool for creating professional-looking videos quickly and easily.

Its intuitive interface, customizable templates, and natural-looking lip movement make it a must-have for content creators looking to take their video content to the next level.

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11. Colossyan

Colossyan AI

Colossyan is a remarkable AI video generator service tailored for businesses.

It empowers users to craft AI avatars, offering a choice of over 50 avatars or replicating their voices, sparing them from on-camera appearances.

Colossyan has emerged as a cutting-edge solution in AI video generation.

Its journey has been marked by continuous innovation and a commitment to providing top-notch video creation tools.

It offers a game-changing solution. It facilitates the development of professional-looking videos with minimal effort.

Whether selecting from various video styles, generating AI human faces, or utilizing its user-friendly interface, it streamlines the creative process.

The service guarantees high-quality video output, ensuring your content looks exceptional across platforms. Moreover, a free trial allows users to explore its capabilities before committing.

Colossyan’s standout features include an extensive library of video styles, a diverse collection of avatars, user-friendly software, and impeccable video quality.

Colossyan’s Starter plan starts at $35 monthly. The quality and convenience offered by the service justify its pricing.

Colossyan stands out as an exceptional AI video generator catering to the needs of businesses.

Its history of innovation, versatile features, and high-quality output make it a top choice for video creation.

Though pricing leans towards the premium side, its benefits make it a worthwhile investment in AI video generation, especially for those opposed to on-camera roles.

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12. HeyGen

Hey Gen AI

HeyGen is a powerful video platform designed to revolutionize how you create engaging business videos. With the help of generative AI, it streamlines the video-making process, making it as simple as crafting a PowerPoint presentation.

Users can transform text into a compelling video within minutes, eliminating the need for video production expertise.

Whether you prefer a personalized avatar with your authentic voice or one of the 300+ available voices, HeyGen puts video creation at your fingertips.

It can also record and upload your natural voice, providing a personal touch to your videos.

Alternatively, you can type in the text you want, and HeyGen will bring it to life with its wide range of voices.

Its standout features are the form’s simplicity, speed, and customization options.

HeyGen offers various pricing plans to suit a range of user needs. While it might have a cost associated with its premium features, you can also get started for free and visit their website for more updates. The Creator plan starts at $29 monthly.

HeyGen is your AI-powered video generator for business, changing how you create engaging content.

It’s perfect for entrepreneurs, marketers, and companies looking to convey their message effectively through video.

Whether a video pro or a novice, HeyGen empowers you to produce compelling videos quickly. It’s a valuable tool for enhancing digital presence and simplifying video production.

13. Runwayml

Runwayml AI

Runway is a dynamic text-to-video AI generator and professional online video editing software, revolutionizing the video creation landscape with advanced machine learning capabilities. 

It offers a transformative video editing experience.

Collaborating in real-time from the browser adds a layer of convenience for teams working remotely or individuals seeking efficient workflows.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert, Runwayml provides the tools needed to craft visually stunning videos.

Key features include multitrack video and audio editing and advanced post-processing techniques.

These capabilities empower users to unleash creativity, turning ideas into captivating visual stories.

The allure of having a virtual video production studio at an affordable price point makes Runway an attractive choice for creators on various budgets.

Pricing details underscore Runway’s commitment to accessibility, offering a professional-grade video editing experience without a hefty price tag. The standard plan starts at $15 monthly.

Runwayml is the best AI video generator, bridging the gap between simplicity and sophistication.

Its rich feature set, collaborative capabilities, and affordability make it a go-to tool for anyone looking to elevate their video creation endeavors.

14. Fliki

Fliki AI

Fliki revolutionizes video creation by offering a script-based editor that simplifies generating videos with lifelike voiceovers, all AI-powered.

With over 2000 Text-to-Speech voices in 75+ languages, Fliki stands out as an all-in-one platform that combines text-to-video and text-to-speech AI capabilities.

It represents an evolution in AI-powered video creation tools. It emerges as a versatile solution catering to diverse content creation needs.

Its script-based editor allows quick video generation with lifelike voiceovers, catering to various use cases, including educational videos, product demos, social media content, and advertisements.

Fliki excels in combining text-to-video and text-to-speech AI capabilities, enabling users to create diverse videos seamlessly.

The platform’s extensive library of voices across multiple languages and the script-based editor facilitate easy and quick video production.

Fliki offers one of the most cost-effective pricing solutions in the market. The Standard plan starts at $28 monthly with 180 minutes of credits per month.

Fliki is a versatile ally for content creators, offering an array of AI-powered tools for generating various types of videos.

Its simplicity in video creation, lifelike voiceovers, and diverse use cases position it as an invaluable asset for users aiming to produce engaging and impactful video content effortlessly.

What are AI video generators?

AI video generators are software tools that automatically use artificial intelligence to create video content without human intervention.

These tools enable users to generate professional-quality videos quickly and easily using pre-built templates, footage, and audio files.

The process involves inputting text or selecting predefined templates.

The AI algorithms will then process this data to generate a video that looks and feels like a professional created.

The software will handle things like video editing, adding transitions and effects, and even voiceovers or background music.

How do AI video generators work?

AI video generators work by utilizing machine learning algorithms to create videos automatically without the need for human intervention.

These algorithms use large datasets of pre-existing video and image content to create a video from scratch.

They analyze the data to determine the appropriate sequence and timing of images and use music and sound effects properly.

The algorithms used in AI video generators also can generate text-to-speech voiceovers, which can be used to provide narration for the video.

Additionally, some AI video generators can translate text into different languages, making creating videos in multiple languages possible.

Once the data has been analyzed and processed, the AI video generator will create a draft video that the user can edit and customize.

The user can add images, videos, and audio files to the video. Also, adjust the content’s timing and sequence to create a final product that meets their specific needs.

Can I Customize the Videos Generated by AI Video Generators?

Yes, most AI video generators allow for the customization of the videos.

You can pick from various templates and styles and add your branding and text. Also, edit the video clips and audio to fit your needs.

Some AI video generators also offer advanced features such as voiceovers, custom animations, and the ability to add your music. 

With these customization options, you can create a video unique to your brand and tailored to your message.

Additionally, some AI video generators allow collaboration with team members, making it easy to share and edit the video project.

So whether you need a video for social media, marketing, or training purposes, AI video generators offer a flexible and efficient solution that can be tailored to your needs.

What are some standard features of AI video generators?

AI video generators typically offer a range of features that make creating professional-looking videos quickly and easily easy.

Some standard features include templates, which provide pre-designed structures and themes for video creation. It makes it easy for users to fill in the blanks with their content.

Another common feature is the ability to add text, graphics, and animations. Also, transitions to the video to make it more engaging and visually appealing.

Many AI video generators also offer a wide variety of stock footage, music, and sound effects to use in the videos.

AI video generators also often provide tools for editing and refining the video. Such as the ability to adjust colours, brightness, contrast, saturation, trim, and crop the footage.

Some AI video generators also offer advanced features like voiceover recording, multilingual support, and collaboration tools to work with others on the video project.

Overall, the features provided by AI video generators are designed to make video creation as simple and streamlined as possible while also ensuring high-quality output.

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