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Amazon’s Metaverse – What Is It? When Does It Launch?

Amazon is yet another brand that has jumped into the Metaverse bandwagon. What can it offer its users? What makes this Metaverse unique?

Updated: April 10, 2023

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, announced last year the launch of a new platform implementing the concepts of the Metaverse

Specifically, this new platform combines gaming and virtual reality to create an immersive experience for users to learn and shop in the e-commerce giant’s stores. 

The Amazon metaverse debuted in India in September 2022, with pilot programs underway in cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Chandigarh before that date.

Defining the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a virtual world that allows users to interact with each other and digital objects in real time. Commerce is one of the attributes of this digital realm; in the real world, this is an element that Amazon excels at.

Taking cues from its contemporaries, Amazon’s Metaverse is designed as a game. Users must navigate different rooms and complete tasks inside the virtual space to earn rewards. 

Although similar, what sets it apart from the Metaverses created by brands like Gucci and Walmart is that the platform is built on the company’s Proprietary AWS (Amazon Web Services).

In other words, instead of partnering with companies like Roblox to create an activation, 

Amazon chose to create its Metaverse on top of its technology. This gives the company ownership & thus, more flexibility in designing its Metaverse-related campaigns, which, in turn, raises the effectiveness of such campaigns.

Why is Amazon Launching the Metaverse?

Combining the capabilities of augmented and virtual reality, Amazon’s Metaverse is primarily being launched as a training tool for customers to learn how to use AWS. Its existence is driven by the company’s belief in the Metaverse’sMetaverse’s potential to be used in various industries, including e-commerce, education, and entertainment.

Building on the AWS capability, Amazon also intends to leverage the Metaverse as a market research tool. The e-commerce giant can gain valuable insights into customer behaviour through the platform. 

It can, for example, analyze purchasing decisions, behavioural patterns and search history to create a more personalized customer experience.

What Can Users Expect from Amazon’s Metaverse?

Because they are all built on the same concept pioneered by sci-fi author Neal Stephenson in Snow Crash, Amazon’s AWS Metaverse shares numerous attributes with its contemporaries in Roblox and Fortnite. These features include:

  • Users can interact with virtual versions of real-world products and services, such as cars and home appliances. They will also be able to customize their avatars and virtual living spaces.
  • There will be numerous activities for Amazon’s visitors. For instance, users can participate in multiplayer games and activities, such as trivia contests and treasure hunts. They can win exclusive prizes and rewards from these games.
  • Visitors to Amazon’s Metaverse can also use the space to make purchases if they log in using an active Amazon account.
  • Amazon also plans to offer virtual classes and workshops on topics such as coding and design. This means that residents of Amazon’s Metaverse can not only shop and play but also learn valuable skills.

How Amazon’s Metaverse compares with other Metaverse projects

For many companies, technology offers a new way to engage with customers. Because of this, the digital realm can help increase brand awareness, drive sales, and even create new revenue streams.

 Hence, it’s not surprising that Amazon is one of many companies working on a metaverse. 

Walmart, Gucci and even the dental company Invisalign have their metaverse projects already launched or currently in development. 

Gucci, in particular, led other companies to follow suit in establishing themselves in the fledgling new virtual world.

Amazon sets itself apart from other brands on the Metaverse by focusing its Metaverse on education and training. In addition, it establishes its Metaverse as a market research tool instead of just a means to advertise or raise awareness about itself, like what Invisalign is doing. 

Amazon’s Metaverse is also unique in its use of AR and VR technology, which sets it apart from other virtual worlds that are primarily based on VR only. The Amazon Metaverse is accessible even without a virtual reality headset. 

For instance, users can try a shoe out for size by simply using the Virtual Try On button on any shoe display in the Amazon marketplace. They can aim their smartphones on their feet, and the app will superimpose the shoe over them to provide a preview.


It’s exciting to think about how the Metaverse will transform the user experience in gaming and e-commerce. 

The use of Amazon’s AWS makes its own Metaverse application one step above the others. 

With this proprietary technology, Amazon is poised to realize one of the most anticipated experiences on the Metaverse – making purchases directly in the digital realm.

The Metaverse is slowly moving towards becoming a full reality day by day. 

Amazon’s decision to join its competitors and fellow retailers in investing in the virtual space’s potential benefits pushes that reality closer. 

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